Eye candy of unusual of the usual beauty.Lots o pic’s

Eye candy of unusual of the usual beauty.Lots o pic’s

In my one of my recent past post about non-I look like a slightly edgier version of a mainstream “alt” models and them being examples for girls to look up at and relate too my friend Gigi posted some “eye candy” aka photos of examples of all types of beauty in the alt world.So I figured I’d do the same.Most of the gals listed are buddies of mine and are perfect examples you can be beautiful if you are any type of Alt gal,girls of color,curvy girls,tall girls,short,healthy fit what I call ballerina bodies ect ect.Some of them combine all of the above.They are walking talking proof it’s ok not to be the one type of model that is pushed in our faces my the alt and mainstream world.They are all different and all beautiful.
I encourage you to add and support them.Click their pic’s to go to their myspaces.

Hot african model from Houston.Who I WILL shoot with if I ever get my ass back to Houston one of these damn days!




Gigi Deluxe ,who is also a artist and fellow doll maker.



Xanthia Doll

Kataxenna,her curves are just crazy!I wish I could get my waist to do that.

Little Sebastien

Jami Deadly

Angelique X Stacy

Tanya Cheex’s


Messy Stench



Heather Eve

Jezebelle X

~ by Ugly Shyla on February 10, 2009.

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