Animal Abuse Here in Southern Louisiana

This is so horrible feel free to repost.I understand that science needs to research things but why the hell don’t they do it on inmates that have life sentences from doing thing like killing or raping women and children instead of using animals.Which don’t make any damn sense anyway because their bodies aren’t the same as ours.It’s awful that a child rapist has more rights then a helpless animal.And if you don’t like the fact I think that way well it’s too damn bad.
Articles and Reports

Letter of Complaint About New Iberia Research Center to USDA Director

Dr. Gibbens,

I am contacting you today regarding documents in my possession which are relevant to the New Iberia Research Facility, which is connected to the University of Louisiana, Lafayette (72-R-0007).

As you know, section 2.33 of the Animal Welfare Act requires that research facilities provide adequate veterinary care for animals. I believe that the documents which I have obtained delineate clear violations of these regulations and I hereby officially request an investigation of these issues.

Chimpanzee A155E is described at death as being “thin and there is apparent muscle atrophy” and “the abdomen is distended.” Additionally, the necropsy further states several things which indicate very serious pathological conditions that have gone untreated. The necropsy report describes approximately 2 liters of fluid in the abdomen, as well as a cardiac abnormality. The report also mentions “a large abscessed area (20 cm diam) adherent to the body wall.” This mass is described as containing “a greenish purulent material” and a “necrotic center.” However, from May 23, 2005 through the death of this primate in November of 2007, the only treatment that this chimpanzee received was fiber tablets.

Chimpanzee A096 who died in August of 2006 apparently had a vasectomy on the 24th of August, 2006. On the 26th of August he is listed as having swollen testicles, and is D.O.A. on the 28th. The only treatment that this animal received during this period was motrin, and the cause of death is left open. However, it is apparent that this animal had serious heart issues due to the 500 ml of yellowish fluid listed in the pericardial sac, a situation which can be connected to cardiac tamponade. A vasectomy is an elective surgery and likely should not have been performed in a chimpanzee with a serious heart condition.

The full articles can be found on their site.

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