Full Shot Of Mary.

It’s a artsy fartsy pic of her but at least it’s a full view pic.I knew before I made this doll that it would turn into a Hans Bellmer/The Doll type obsession and it did.I’m still plugging along trying to get better at photography.I took over 100 photos of her today.As soon as I settle on which ones are my fave I’ll start selling prints.Prints are great because it’s like owning a doll without having to either pay out the butt for it or having to worry about it getting broken or destroyed by your cats.Or in the case of the Mary get covered in cat hair because Grumpy loves to rub on her.He hates everything but loves her I guess he knows it’s for his half brother.Whatever the case I get tired of having to attack her with the pet hair remover rolly thing.

~ by Ugly Shyla on March 6, 2009.

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