Baron Samedi Dream

I dream about Baron Samedi. ALLOT so much so that is why I made the doll of him.I dreamt of him again last night.
First part of the dream I’m in a antique shop that connected to a dinner.I bought a rug of some kind,a antique doll and a pin with a tiny antique doll and some beads on it.The headed over to the diner.
I was in the dinner waiting on my mother and a girl my age or younger who I have no idea who the hell she is.I ordered the food and they bought nacho’s with slices of hot peppers on them to me.I started eating them up because I was really hungry.
In a booth about 3 booths up across from me was a black man sitting and eating his food.He turned to me and told me hello and chit chatted exclaimed to he I already eat 3 pounds of food!
He turned around and started eating.He had on a white shirt,a drab olive green cap and matching shorts.
My mother and the girl finally came and told me we didn’t have much time to eat and we;d just tell them to give our stuff to go.I told them they were not going to take the nachos and have them packed up because I was hungry darn it!
I told the man to tell my mother and the girl how much he had eaten.He told them again he ate 3 pounds of food.The he shoved his hands in his pockets and said I got 10 inch long……………………….POCKETS!HAHAHAH
We all laughed and then he excused himself because he said he had to change his clothes.He went in the sort of restroom area of the diner and then came out in a purple and black suit,purple top hat and these rhinestone black sunglasses.I instantly recognized him as Baron Samedi,I said “ahhhhhhhh PAPA”!
So I got up to hug him,and I told my mother and the girl to come meet him.I explained he was Baron Samedi and I remember telling them “he is of the “Gede” and I told my mother see he is even dressed like my doll I made of him.His hat was messed up on the top so I fixed it for him.
He went to go sit back down in a booth for a bit and then had to get up he was staggering all over like he was drunk off his butt.Another old black man dressed in a purple satin this was a light skinned old black man *which I think was just another aspect of himself,because sometimes when I see him he is a almost muscular stout about 40 year old very very dark skinned man,then other times he is light skinned and very very old and looks mixed and I always recognize him in that aspect too because he looks a little like my Creole grandma,because he has that total Creole look to him*.
So the old man is trying to help him around and he finally got going around on his own.I told him we were going to leave now and he said “wait I’ll accompany you to you car” by this time he’s cold sober and I realize he was just acting drunk for attention *the baron frequently likes to make jokes,especially off color jokes like the 10 inch pocket joke he told*
He put his arm around me and started walking us to our car which was a cream colored Cadillac.I hugged him good bye and he kissed me on the cheek and told me he loves me and I told him I loved him too.The girl and I got in the car and waited a bit for my mother.After awhile she didn’t show up so The Baron came back out and said maybe she walked down the road to wait for us to pick her up there.
He got into the car to drive us to go look for her.Sometimes when I dream of him he’s driving a car and I’m riding in the back seat,this I think is a common thing for him to do which I didn’t know till long after I had several car ride dreams of him.He gets in the car and starts driving we drive towards some railroad tracks and right before the railroad tracks the girl with me pointed out look I see something over there in the field is that her?I looked and it was 2 green balls of flaming green light,kind of what swamp lights look like.I told her no it was to lights and that is what she saw.We then went over the railroad tracks and looked neat the little shed where people waited for the train to see if she was there.Nope he wasn’t just a woman/doll standing there waiting for the train.
I told Baron that Mom was likely waiting at the diner and just didn’t see us waiting and that she roams off like that all the time *and she does,it makes me insane.LOL*.
We went back to the diner and I told the Baron it was ok to go back in and me and the girl would find her.
The girl and I didn’t see her anywhere outside the diner and walked to another place *it may have been the antique store again* and came across her and told her we had looked for her.She said she was waiting for us right at the diner and we didn’t see her.
Shortly after that I woke up,to terrible cramps and Grumpy screaming at me,rubbing on me and biting me like he ALWAYS does when I am sick in some way or another.When I got out of bed and met my mom in the kitchen I told her I dreamt I introduced her to The Baron last night and that I thought he constant wandering off paid off for once because the God of the Dead didn’t find her to go on one of his “car rides” so maybe that was a good thing.LOL

~ by Ugly Shyla on March 15, 2009.

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