I got a I am naughty note from myspace

I just got a I am naughty note from myspace telling me they had to delete one of my photos.This photo is what is apparently deemed “violent content”
“We had to remove an image (or images) from your account because they violated our Terms of Use. Our site is for people as young as 13, so we can’t have certain kinds of pics (nude/sexually explicit, violence).”
What the FUCK!The doll isn’t even pierced on the thorns it’s a fucking frame for the doll like a damn picture frame.
As usual there is a hell of allot worse stuff on myspace but I’m the bad one.

~ by Ugly Shyla on March 20, 2009.

One Response to “I got a I am naughty note from myspace”

  1. Oh what a shame. I know it must be SO hurtful when these are things you spend so much time on and value.

    Take courage, your work is valued by those in your world and their opinions are the ones that count.

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