Please Take The Poll

I have been offering things like photo prints of my dolls and even things like t-shirts ect.Since I have so many dolls and so many pic’s I figured it would make it much more easy on me if I took a poll to see what were the most popular dolls so I will know which ones to really pursue for prints ect.
If you could all be a little lamb and take the poll ,that way I can see what y’all like the best I’d be grateful.
Even if you don’t like the particular photos if the doll itself is your favorites just vote on that one.
The Photos are listed by a short name and number from left to right which corresponds to the poll.The photo with the info and print pic’s is before the poll.Click the photo link to see the image of the prints,and if you click on the image after that it should give you a bigger image of the multi print photo,Look over the photo carefully to make sure you vote for the right one.
Thanks a Ton
Ugly Shyla.
Link to the larger photo of the prints

Link to the larger size image of the pic

~ by Ugly Shyla on March 22, 2009.

6 Responses to “Please Take The Poll”

  1. I found it hard to choose between twins and Mary face, the latter is exquisite, but spooky won through in the end

  2. Well being a former catholic, I effen love ALL the Mary’s.
    The Twins are adorable too. Too many to choose from but I did it.

  3. I think the twins possess a quarky sinister vibe that demand focus.I like the paint job.Your expressions are always unusual and interesting.Good luck on warping this realm to better suit your perception.

  4. I always liked “Bile”.

  5. there are so many i really like it was tough but i do have my favorite!

  6. It was hard to choose since I love all of them but finally votedon one xo

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