We don’t even get to be the token.

I was talking with Steven Leyba the other day about being excluded from things we should be all stretch of the imagination be included in *because I guess we are too weird or act to much like real artist*.We don’t even get invited as the token real *whatever the theme is*
Steven is Native American *I am too but it’s just one of the tons of ethnic varies I’m mixed with* Steven hardily ever gets invited to be included in events that showcase Native American artist.
I practice voodoo I hardily ever get invited to to be included in events that showcase voodoo artwork.I consider voodoo my religion and growing up in Louisiana have been around it all my life.
Usually most of the “voodoo” art shows include exclusively white folks who 99% of the time are from up north somewhere and just got the assignment to include work in a show.They experience with voodoo is usually something their read off a website.
I have a altar in my home,I do the usually voodoo chores of saying prayers at it everyday and trying to help people who are in dire need with ritual work.I eventually whenever I find a “godmother or godfather” I feel really connected too plan into becoming a priestess.
Do I get invited to be included in events that showcase?I sure the hell don’t.Which could be because the God’s don’t want my voodoo artwork to be around people’s fake Veve and badly drawn Orisha bullcrap.
Same goes for Louisiana themed art shows.It usually includes work down by people who one time one day got drunk in New Orleans and painted a pic about it.Or they tend to think only people from New Orleans count as Louisiana people.
I will never be accepted as a Louisiana artist because I don’t paint what a Louisiana artist is supposed to paint aka Mardi Gras pictures *I don’t even really like Mardi Gras* Cajun Shacks and crappy folk art done but people that aren’t real folks.You should have to be a “real folk” aka somebody who had to deal with poverty and lives in a rural area to be a folk artist.Not somebody who lived a privileged life,went to a pricy art school and paints stuff that is more of less patronizing of poor rural folk because they think it’s charming.
You know I have NEVER shown my work at a gallery in my home state?I have shown and sold work over seas even but never in my own fucking home state.
I also do not fit into the nitch of a “female artist” even though last time I checked I was one.I don’t usually do the traditional goddess type work and because of things like me being straight and not believing in abortion I’m not going to be invited to that party either.Same reason why I don’t call myself a feminist and I don’t think anybody else does either.
Which is fine and dandy if I had to be shoved around all these little nitch groups I’ll likely end up wanting to hit them all in the face with dirty underwear.But it just puzzles me the way things work.

~ by Ugly Shyla on April 4, 2009.

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