I will have work at Survival art show 4/21 Middletown,Ohio

I will have work at Survival art show 4/21 Middletown,Ohio
A myspace friend of mine http://www.myspace.com/babettewood
is throwing a art event.Info from Babette http://www.myspace.com/babettewood
On April 21 at The Sorg Opera House I am pleased to announce that the SURVIVAL ART event will be taking place between 7 p.m. and 1:00 a.m.
This is an event that will be offering art,poetry,writing and music by a wide variety of artists of various types both locally and internationally.
The flyer below lists only a few of our artists that will be participating and we are still accepting artists works from around the world and spoken word/poetry readers (if you’re interested in contributing to this event please contact me here or at lbbbusiness@ymail.com for more info)
The decision to name the show SURVIVAL ART was based on the thoughts and writings of Dave Archer,Steven Johnson Leyba and Will Taylor that emphasis the need for artists to create works as a means of survival whether it be for food,clothing and shelter or personally sanity,clarity or an act of excorcism of inner conflict and deeply seated passion.
All works of art,poetry and writings will be offered for sale during the event.Door proceeds will be used for the support of our artists and for further restoration of the historical Sorg Opera House.We will also be selling donated art pieces that will help to fund various national and local charities (including but not limited to: The Abuse and Rape Crisis Center,The ACLU,The Leonard Peltier Legal and Medical Fund,The indigenous Peoples Museum and Resource Center) and the artists participating in the event.
There will be food and drinks availible for purchase,including vegan and vegetarian items.
This is a list of some of our ever growing list of our artists (including writers and musicians because afterall they are artists as well):
Dave Archer
Steven Johnson Leyba
Will Taylor
Ugly Shyla
Little Black Birds/Babette
Stephanie Grimes
Jasin Covelli
michelle Bullock
Stephen Grimes
Beef Slaughterrus and the Greasey Chunks
The Trash Act
Matt Deterior
Vicariously inDecisive
…..and many more to be added shortly

We look forward to having any and everyone attend this event..r{}***522222222

~ by Ugly Shyla on April 13, 2009.

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