Yet another photos that was deemed to naughty for myspace.What the hell?How this is considered lewd I don’t know.I did it because it made me think of a Barbie doll.So I guess it’s a no no to put up on myspace pic’s of the portrait I did of myself painted a used maxi pad???LOL
What the hell?How this is considered lewd I don’t know.I did it because it made me think of a Barbie doll.
Whoever the hell reports my photos every time I just upload something has TOOOOOOOOOO much time on their hands!I just got my “plastic” deleted .How the hell do I get photos deleted and I have never have even taken a topless photo?Somebody explain to me how that happened?Whatever snitch added me to their myspace so they can try and tattle tell on me every damn time I upload something is a sad person.Why don’t you go out and create something or help a hungry person on animal instead of waiting for me to do something so you can tattle to the myspace hall monitors.

Not that I encourage snitching but just to give a example.As I have said in when this has happened before past post look up some of the favored folks on myspace.Any myspace endorsed band,model,porn site ect.There are ALLOT of things on those myspace’s that violate the myspace terms of service.Just try and report them,just try,try and report them till you are blue in the face and see if it gets taken down.I can more or less guarantee you it will NOT.Just read my past post and see if any of those people have had anything taken down.
People always ask me if I think the myspace hall monitors look at what is reported or if they just delete it.They HAVE to look at it or else the myspace pets would have allot of stuff deleted.They have a larger friends group then I do and are bound to upset somebody on their list somewhere but nothing ever gets taken down.
People will say I’m just jealous they get away with it but I do.You are damn right if they are splitting hairs they should split EVERYBODY’s hair or at least admit that they don’t.

How my photo is worse then something like you’d see on these myspace’s
suicidegirls ,
Look at the number of comments on those photos.There are obviously a hell of allot more people viewing their erotic photos then there are looking at my fully clothed photos.So myspace can’t use the excuse of that 13 year olds could run across my offensive photos.There is more of a chance underage kids will run across something like SG or Penthouse way before they will ever stumble across mine.
And myspace says it will just delete anything anybody reports,not that I support snitching but as a example just TRY and report any of the photos on any of those sites,try till you are as blue in the face as I am in the hair and I can almost lay you money nothing will be done,even though their myspace have exposed asses and nipples.
I have nothing against female nudity or even pornography,what I do have a problem with is art/artist dealing with being censored when blatant porno isn’t.
What is good for the goose should be good for the gander.

~ by Ugly Shyla on April 22, 2009.

3 Responses to “Plastic”

  1. Censorship sucks! There soooo many crazies out here in the ether! Keep posting~they soon get bored and go back to bugging Marilyn Manson!
    I love your stuff! It reminds me of my friend Danny Elfman, he would love your art!

  2. They’re just annoyed because it’s not lewd enough!

  3. […] having the internet powers that be tall me my stuff is too “offensive”.For example the Plastic photo that I put up getting taken down.The photo that I took when my mother was around in the area […]

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