Here is what annoys me most.

Sorry for the long post but I have to go into detail,plus I just like lecturing.LOL
Here is the jig on what annoys me most about getting in trouble on the internet or having the internet powers that be tall me my stuff is too “offensive”.For example the Plastic photo that I put up getting taken down.The photo that I took when my mother was around in the area me andVera were shooting.It’s that damn scandalous I was likely taking to my mother while we were shooting that said photo.The photo was taken at a little house on my aunt Jolynn’s *the one I talk about that has Cancer* property,and I’d go in and out of her house to change.That should tell you how scandalous the shoot is.LOL
Let me first off start by saying I don’t have a problem with things like nudity.Like I was telling Lillylie *who is a fellow doll artist,who got things deleted off of myspace* on her blog about the what is and is not acceptable to her compared to the myspace definition.
I have no problem with nudity,one of the things I tend to collect is vintage pinup’s/erotica and art nudes.I absolutely adore things like 50’s men’s stag magazines with all the beautiful,curvy and sort of flawed women in them.
I have friends who are amount other things erotica models,gal’s who work in adult films,dominatrix’s and even prostitutes.And I totally support them and their endeavors and we all actually related to each other really well.Because they are selling sexuality which is something VERY personal,I am a artist I sell art which is VERY PERSONAL.We both expose ourselves for a living them their bodies,me my thoughts and experiences.
I talk allot about girls *especially the generation that is behind us in age* needing to understand that to be a alt *or mainstream* model they should never ever feel like doing nudity is something you have to do and you should NOT feel bad about that.
If you are adult and you want to say be a porn model and it’s something you really want to do for yourself that is one thing.But I hate that this culture tends to make girls feel like they have to just shut their mouth and spread to get somewhere.It’s not the case if you are willing to actually work hard and have talent doing something.Same goes for girls who are young and feel ostracized for not doing drugs,not drinking,not fitting in.Hopefully if I have done nothing on earth maybe I have made a few girls realize it’s ok to have a opinion contrary to what folks are telling you.
Sorry I started a sermon and got off my point.
What pisses me off about getting my being deemed “offensive” is this.I get sick of things being “Good for the Goose,but not for the Gander” especially where art and artist are concerned.
People have asked me if I think my myspace photos get deleted because myspace just deletes anything that is reported as offensive without even looking at it.
I might sound paranoid but I constantly don’t think that is the case.
Case and point.All of these porn sites have myspaces.And I’m not just picking on them or porn but I’m just using it as a example.
Go have a look at any of those.There are photos of women showing bare breast,nipples,their bare butts,girls together in really explicit poses topless and in SG’s case there are photos of topless girls on the front page.You don’t even have to go to the photos to see “lewd” things.
I have about 11739 people on my myspace friends list.They have round about 1477542.I am a subculture artist,these are HUGE porn corporations.Numbers and statistic wise it’s wayyyyy more likely that a underage person or Joe Normal Public is going to come across their site before they will ever even hear of me in their lifetime,and their pages contain more sexually suggestive content then mine does.So again statistic wise it’s way more likely they get reported more then I do.Yet their stuff doesn’t get taken down,and if you think I’m being paranoid,and again I’m not suggesting snitching I’m just saying this as a example because we should ALL have freedom of speech provided we don’t hurt anybody exercising that right.Anyhoo go ahead and pic a actual nude photo on any of the myspace of any of the major porn co’s *hell even Saturday Night Live has had some pretty racy shit on myspace* myspaces and report it.Report it till you are as blue in the face as I am in the hair and I can lay you money it will not be taken down.
So I really don’t see how it’s a issue of a myspace monitor seeing any of my shit and being a prude and taking it down because they misunderstood it.Sure maybe if you were working for myspace and had earwig in your head,eating your brain and you see a pic of me fully clothed with a clear plastic in front of me and mistakenly think “hey that’s dirtyyyyy” and delete my photo.But there is no way in HELL you could misinterpret some of the photos on the myspace of the major porn sites.They are clearly naked women,which is a violation of myspace’s terms of service,and I should know they send me the TOS enough.
And myspace aside what it boils down to is we are supposed to have freedom of speech,which is one of the freedoms that men and women fighting over seas think they are fighting and in some cases dying for.Yet as a artist we do not get the same respect and consideration that a jerk off magazine gets.
We are living in a country where the KKK can march down the street because it’s their civil rights,but I have no doubt if I got a slew of my fellow outlaw artist together and we marched down the street with signs printed with out artwork we’d be freaking arrested for causing a disturbance.
I was even having a conversation with a Pentecostal preacher friend of mine,we were both talking about how our rights to say what we want to say is getting squeezed even more and more and about how damn scary it is.When you have outlaw artist and Pentecostal preacher’s agreeing with each other you know it’s getting bad.LOL

~ by Ugly Shyla on April 23, 2009.

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