Artistic Talent VS Artistic Connections.

I have often talked and bitched about how I don’t totally understand the art world.I don’t think anybody has since the first gallery and art “stars” started existing.
Even being a artist myself I can’t comprehend how you can see some amazingly talented artist making hardily any scratch off their art,yet there are those that make absolute crap that make so much money.
The film My kid could paint that,also addresses that question.
Also case and point abstract art.Honestly it’s no different then what my cat does when he steps on my paint pallet and then splatters his feet on the newspaper under where I’m working.
People say I should criticize art since I’m a artist,but then who the hell should.It’s like telling a seamstress not to tell the Emperor that his new clothes are imaginary and he’s running around with his dimply butt hanging out.
People also get annoyed because again as a artist I shouldn’t say what is or isn’t art.Again who else is supposed to say something?And I’m not just being a jerk about it this is how I believe you tell art from non-art.It’s intent art has a meaning to you that you are conveying,decoration is something you make because it’s superficial decoration.
I’m a Sagittarius so I can’t help but open my mouth about things.I know how puzzled I am about why one person can make thousands off of something,but if another did it and presented it to a gallery they would be laughed at.
I have never been eloquent in my rants about said subject.Hell I don’t know if I have even been eloquent about ANYTHING.But I ran across somebody talking about the art and business of music that said it perfectly.Oddly enough the quote comes from “The worlds last Hillbilly”
Porter Wagoner he said in the 1970’s:
“I love all kinds of music.Any kind of music that I can understand at all.The part of the business that has changed the most to me is that it has become more political.You have to be a political inclined person to really launch a career at this time.I think the days where a man’s talent speaks for itself….For instance,Stonewall Jackson came to Nashville with a guitar and a flour sack,drove up here in a old car,but he was a good country singer with some good country songs,and he sang ’em and got on a record,started a career.I believe those days are gone.And I think it’s sad in a way that a man doesn’t have a chance to just display his talents,and if it’s great,there will be a place for him.If he don’t have political connections he don’t have a chance.I think that’s really bad for the business.”
That says it perfectly.It’s sad that this also applies to the visual art and also the underground music world even today.You don’t get by on talent anymore,it’s who you know,who wants to suck up to you and have you suck up to them.Not what talent abilities you have.

~ by Ugly Shyla on April 27, 2009.

One Response to “Artistic Talent VS Artistic Connections.”

  1. Right on! I feel the same way a lot of the time.

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