Murder Junkies

We went and saw the Murder Junkies with a few or our friends last night like
Cootie Von Ghoul and Alas Vera we had soooo much fun!I hardily every go out here locally because there is never anything fun to go too.
Merle has a fellow helping him with the merch table so I got to sit and gossip with him for awhile.I love Merle he’s the coolest man in rock n roll.While I was sitting at the bar with Merle a girl with a low cut top on passed by and he mentioned that is one of the reasons he likes playing down here because all the girls here have great figures.I told him that makes him more awesome that her appreciates the big bust and bubble butts of of us Cajun gals.LOL
Dino got naked as usual but he grabbed the mic and started screaming about swine flu and making wonderful corny jokes.This one teenager watching show must have just heard “punk rock show” and didn’t know who the Murder Junkies were.My mother said he when Dino got naked and started running around the kid would squeal in horror like a little girl.I’m so sorry I missed that.LOL
Vera got some really nice band photos of the Murder Junkies before the show.Including Dino naked and with his drumbsticks in his “neither regions” I think Dino took a shine to her he kept chatting with her.LOL
A local Louisiana band called
Peckernut was one of the opening acts for them.They were all also very nice fellows.The singer even bought me and Cootie a beer.Since I don’t drink I let Cootie have it and just told her I’d help hold her up if her legs gave out.I told her we were just each other’s date for the night,her future hubby had to work so he couldn’t come to the show and I didn’t have a date,which I think is because shove guys in a corner for bumping into me.LOL
While The Murder Junkies were playing some guys started a small most pit,being as Cootie and I are both short and scared we might miss something we stood in the front off to the side of the most pit.
Naturally they started throwing themselves on us while moshing,so we started shoving them all off to the other corner.
After awhile I noticed the “mosh pit” moved to the corner furthest away from us.LOL.After I realized most of the guys in the mosh pit were tall really thin guys I think all started to shuffle away from us.Cootie is a Masseuse and I hit clay all day and our forearms were about the size of most of the guy’s legs.Oh well you shouldn’t shove into girls,even if our arms are bigger then yours.LOL
The Murder Junkies are on a long tour,you can find their tour info on their myspace Murder Junkies Myspace so if they come to your area go out and support them!And if you go out one of their shows make sure to check out the merch table,Merle is selling these really cool red Richard Ramirez t-shirts.Which I am a proud owner of now.
Me and Merle Allin doing our part to spread swine flu.
I ❤ Merle Allin.We look like a really frightening old school country and western duo.
Me and my friend Cootie Von Ghoul
Alas Vera and Dino Sex .I think Dino took a shine to her.LOL

~ by Ugly Shyla on May 6, 2009.

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