Imago Zine not holding their end of bargain.

I don’t like people not holding their end of the bargain.
Today I’m sitting here doing a death watch over my cat Chester.He’s around 18 years old and I think he’s slowly passing away.:( That being the case I’m above and beyond trying to be patient dealing with people conniving bullshit.I have been quiet about this whole fiasco I have had ENOUGH of being quite.
Awhile back I posted a blog asking if anybody has alternate contact info for .
besides the email addy they have listed online,And that I was I’m starting to wonder what is going on?
I have been bugging the owner for years now because she asked me if I’d trade some artwork 165.00 worth *including the shipping since she was in a hurry to get it* in return for putting the work in the magazine and crediting me with it.I sent in the artwork THREE years ago.
At first she told me it would be in the issue after the original issue she told me it would be in.I haven’t seen hide nor hair of what was promised to me and when I send e-mails I don’t even get a reply so I’m assuming I’m being ignored.A few artist I know are having this same problem and we are all getting worried.
I figured somebody one here might have had dealings with them and has more contact info on them then I do.
As I said I hadn’t heard from the owner for a few years.But when I posted the blog asking if anybody had any alt info the Imago Zine owner *who I had emailed several times and would never get back to me* and other people contact me the same things happened to them.They sent in work for her to keep in exchange for the advertisements in the mag.I sent my stuff quickly to her and after getting back to me twice in 2007 she would ignore my e-mails.
The magazine is supposed to be seasonal meaning like 4 issues per year.
She told me twice it would be in the next issue and it never happened.
Well I guess other people realized there were a few of us with the same issue and a few wrote her complaining to her that they wanted to know what was going on with all of us sending in things and not seeing anything in return.
Amazingly she writes me back after I post the blog which I quoted at the top of this post,which wasn’t inflammatory or mean at least I didn’t think so I was just wondering what the hell was going on.I know if I was paid to make a doll for somebody I sure as heck wouldn’t be supposed if they they made post asking how to get in contact with me if they hadn’t heard from me in 3 years and never got their end of the deal.
The owner contacted me after I posted the blog to say she was away for a bit and that is why she didn’t answer me,and added would I PLEASE take down my blog.I complained *even though my blog wasn’t defaming* because I thought she’d at least refund me the value of my work,and I was trying to be diplomatic and give her a chance,even if I gave her 3 years to have a chance.
But not only did I e-mail her at the e-mail addy I had for her.I also myspaced her and left a comment politely asking what was going on.Which she screens and didn’t let through so I know she saw it.
Again after sending messages that never got answered she contacts me today and used the excuse she was away and that the issue is in her hands with all of us in it the day after I started asking around and in turn others started asking her why we were all dealing with this.She also said that she couldn’t publish the magazine because she took trades and the publishers wouldn’t naturally take artwork ect.When I asked for my artwork back she told me she could only send the dress back.Which must mean that it sold.That being the case she should have had money to pay a publisher.
She also throws fashion shows,and if you look on the magazine’s myspace they have people like Jeffree Star and Raquel Reed at her events.I’m 99.9% sure they charge to make appearances.Again if you can’t afford to pay a publisher how do you throw events and hire entertainment?
Which I had no prob with her selling my work in her boutique/gallery after I sent it in IF she held her end of the bargain and advertised my work in the mag.I didn’t send in work for the sake of giving somebody free artwork.I might be a artist for a living but I work DAMN hard.And I try and use some of the money from my work for nice things like taking sick or stray animals to the vet or even helping out other humans that have fallen on had times.I can use my money I make off my WORK,I don’t send people free work to sell and hire people to go-go dance or to throw fashion shows.Fashion shows which did include some of my friends work,which they also didn’t get in the magazine in a timely manner.These other artist that I know that also had dealings some of them also help animals in need,support their selves with their art and in some cases their spouse and KIDS with their art.Again they don’t make art to give away for free to fund go-go dancing.
And a few days after I posted my blog asking about the Imago whereabouts and other folks wanted to know what was up with not seeing the mag’s end of the barging.The mag again amazingly posted blog talking about the new issue being hot off the presses!Isn’t that strange!When I went back and forth with the owner of the mag she told me that it was funny I e-mailed her because the issue was just at the press and how she even used my work in some film.Again if there is such a film as far as I know filming anything cost money,you have to hire people.I told her I didn’t care and wanted the funds for my work back since I couldn’t get the actual work back.She also told people that the mag will only be a yearly issue.I did not agree to send in work to a yearly issue.I sent in work to what I was told was a seasonal aka at least 4 times a year publication.
She keeps telling me but my work will be in the latest issue of the mag.I’m sorry but don’t care that you are putting a photo of something in a mag I sent you THREE years ago.As far as I’m concerned I sent in work and Imago Zine DID NOT HOLD UP THEIR END OF THE BARGAIN.I do not recommend doing ANY business with them.And I now am doubtful of the circulation size of the mag.
As of right now if I had no scruples I could get several people to send me in expensive things and tell them it’s in trade to be in a mag.I could get allot of valuable artwork from people and run off and publish a copy for each artist that sent in work on say and I’d have allot of artwork and clothing ect for say 100.00 worth of magazines that I only gave to the artist to shut them up.I’m not at all saying that is what happened to me but it’s just a hypothesis.
Like I said too if you are doing business with somebody you are expected to get business done in a timely manner.I don’t consider 3 years of ignoring a artist a timely manner.Nor do I consider it professional to magically post a blog and claim the latest issue is hot off the press when a artist starts bitching at me.
Since I took my last blog down I haven’t heard from the owner.I’m now lead to believe that I was only contacted so I’d shut my trap.I will be sooooooooo suspicious if I receive a e-mail bantering with me after I post this blog.This time I’m not going to take it down.I did not get my end of the bargain and get my 165.00 back,and to be fair I gave her a itemized list of what I sent her was worth because I’m dumb enough to be honest.
Like I said I’m sure she will contact me asking me to take down this blog,but I have not said anything that wasn’t the God’s honest truth.And if she threatens legal action I’d actually welcome it because I’d like to get in a court of law and discuss me sending in work and not getting anything in return.I still have all the e-mails she sent me,because I only agreed to talk with her on the e-mail not on the phone like she wanted.I told her that way we both had written proof of what is going on.

~ by Ugly Shyla on May 16, 2009.

2 Responses to “Imago Zine not holding their end of bargain.”

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  2. i’m sorry to hear that you are still having “dealings” with these ppl. most of all i’m sorry to hear about Chester…. 😦

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