New Lost Doll Assemblage

More photos and info on the piece can be found on
my website here if that link doesn’t work go here
MEDIUM:Hand casted,fired and glazed Porcelain doll parts.The head plaque is made from a Porcelain casting of a Victorian doll head,black feathers and a wooden base.Above the head it says “lost” in black dimensional paint.The ball joined to doll torso is also made from a Porcelain casting with red and clear melted glass.On the base of the torso piece there is a antique silver catholic metal of a guardian angel with children and lilies up the sides.
SIZE: Head 12 X 23,torso piece 10 1/2 X 10 1/2
STATUS:For sale 500.00,A year long payment plan is available for this item.Just contact me to ask about it.
If buying from outside of the USA please let me know your country I will be shipping too, because there is added shipping charges outside of the USA since the torso piece being very heavy.
NOTES: This assemblage consist of a the doll head plaque that hangs on the wall and the torso on the wooden base that is set up right under the head piece.So the assemblage is actually 2 pieces.The piece is meant to portray the lost feeling that we all sometimes feel.The lost feelings and the shattered assumptions.
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~ by Ugly Shyla on May 21, 2009.

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