Imago Zine Sent Me My Money Back After 3 years.

As we all know I had been having problems with story short a girl who works for the mag and I guess runs it Sandra Roberts contacted me on myspace asking for me to send in some of my work for the mag.I sent in 165.00 worth of work in 2007 with the agreement it was in exchange for the free advertisement in the magazine.Well shortly after I was told I was going to be in one issue and my stuff didn’t show up in it.I started asking Sandra what was going on.She said it would be in the next issue well that didn’t happen too.Again I started asking what was going on and more or less got ignored for 3 years.
You can read more background info on the whole situation here
past blog post
As stated in my past blog I had asked around if anybody had my contact info for the mag because she wasn’t getting back to me.And at that point I knew I was being ignored because she was screening my myspace comments.Also after I posted this I got several people e-mailing me they had the same prob with the magazine.And not only would they ask about what was going on with them having their work but mine as well.
Well she got back to me asking me to talk my blog post down.And I told her I wanted at least the cost of my work back,and to be fair I sent her a itemized *with links* list of what I had sent her was worth.She acted like she was going to pay me in a few days and so I took the post down since I assumed the whole affair was going to be over shortly.
After I took the blog down well I started not getting any response AGAIN.
Well I assumed I was either being ignored again or that my e-mails were being blocked.
A friend of mine on facebook told me she saw Imago *who had told me they hadn’t been putting out the magazine because they didn’t have the money too,was putting on yet another fashion show and the tickets for the event were around 100.00*.So I found the link for the pricy ticket fashion show and started asking people on the list if THEY had a contact info for Imago because I had been trying to get my work or cost of my work back for three years.Some of the people I contacted told me they would pass the message along along to Imago/Sandra and low and behold I get a e-mail from Sandra who was totally horrified I e-mailed and “harassed” her friends and clients.
I told her I had every right to try and find alt contact info on her yet again because I keep getting ignored.
So she wrote me back and asked me when I got time could I drop her a note *not like I haven’t been dropping notes for 3 YEARS*
And she wanted to know if that when she paid me I’d take down the blog and maybe even post a note of retraction.And she could explain herself but for now she wanted to get this over with.
I wrote her back and told her in my exact words I ain’t retracting a goddamn thing because it was the god’s honest
truth.I’m tired of dealing with you and your bullshit.You will NOT pay
or bribe me to lie and put some note of retraction on my blog or
anywhere else.And do not think of even trying to harass me because it
damn well won’t be worth with it for you or your
magazine.Like I said feel free if you feel the need to write everybody
on my list and everybody I know that I got bitchy after you didn’t
keep your end of the deal for 3 years.I don’t give a damn if you start
a I hate Ugly Shyla campaign.
Lies are still lies even if gilded in gold or when words like
YOU took MY stuff.I don’t know how you can even fathom that you are in
the right in this situation.And how you have the audacity to even ask
me something like that.Like I am the one that did something wrong.You
know what either send me my funds back or don’t even talk to me.But I
do want to know what I said that “isn’t true”.
I won’t message any of your “community” any more.I did that to try and
get somebody ANYBODY to reply to my REPEATEDLY asking for my money or merch back.But there is no way you can bribe or “pay” me to exercise my own opinions in my own forums.
You are a real champion of underground arts and culture when you are
trying to bribe people *and might I add that you are trying to bribe
people with work that is rightfully theirs*

I’m sorry but I was pissed and she was out of line asking ME of all people to take something down or god fucking forbid post a RETRACTION.
Shortly after that I got my money.I think partially because of the fuss I kicked up when I said I didn’t get my end of the deal for 3 years and it made others realize the same and confront the mag.I think also some of my friends writing them and telling them what they were doing wasn’t right also helped.So thanks y’all.
Funny thing is the day I got the money sent back was the day I had to take Manxy to the vet for his bladder infection and it was about 160.00 which I charged on my credit card because I didn’t think I had the money,till I got home and saw the refund from IMAGO in my paypal.Baby Jesus got me the money in the nick of time.
I noticed on Imago’s myspace they have now posted a blog telling people they can send things in to the mag but there is no guarantee it will be published *which allot of mags do* but usually they do this BEFORE they have people send in stuff and then use it for fashion shows ect and tell the artist too bad,or don’t even have the decency to e-mail them and tell them too bad.

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~ by Ugly Shyla on June 1, 2009.

8 Responses to “Imago Zine Sent Me My Money Back After 3 years.”

  1. I have never seen IMAGO zine and I hang around coffee shops and music shops and work in a art gallery.
    they really suck, using artists the way they do.

  2. 3 hours or 3 years, getting screwed over is still getting screwed over. Good for you standing up for yourself, more people should, don’t need more sheep!

  3. The person who left the “bad seeds” comment is DEFINATELY a friend of the magazine at fault. Shame on them for placing the blame on you. Now that we all know they are monitoring your blogs, I hope they realize that Ugly Shyla has a lot of fans and contacts who will more than likely stay away from said magazine.Check your own Karma Imago.

  4. Not to mention they use the wrong form of “your.” (You’re)

  5. everything is done and over with you got the money back and let them think what they want. You do this for a living, dont let them try an say bad things about you.

  6. wow…It’s funny how you think bad mouthing someone or something after three years is going to make things better, or make you feel better. How about letting it go now:/ your not planting good seeds for the future and that’s no one’s fault but your own.

    • I see you are from Canada I wonder who sent you.LOL.Did you read what you just typed?That I’M the one at fault here?
      “your not planting good seeds for the future and that’s no one’s fault but your own.”
      Dear lord do you know how I am?I make ugly dolls and paint on maxi pads for a living.When I’m not on stage stabbing hooks in myself or pretending to have mock abortions?
      Are you from Imago Zine? If you are is this a harassment and a attempt to make trouble towards ME?Because that would look really bad towards the mag if they are sending people to harass trashy ass artist like myself.
      I would like you to explain to me how I AM the one in the wrong here?I want a 200 word book report on what I did wrong.

  7. at least it’s all over now. and, like you said, the $ came at a good time. hope things with the fam, homestead and all that aren’t too much bringing you down.

    fucked up that she even asked you to retract what you’ve said and all that. she shoulda known you’d tell her to eff off.

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