Victorian ball jointed doll

Some of you asked to see the Victorian ball jointed doll I’m rambling about.I didn’t sculpt it or the head they are both casted from a Victorian reproduction mold.The head is a Armand Marseille Doll head mold.I always wanted a Armand Marseille but could never afford one.So I jumped at the head mold which is made from the original Armand Marseille Dolls.And bought the Ball Jointed body mold because I thought it would be a cool option to offer people who want portrait dolls.Plus I just like them.In one of the pic’s you can see a Barbie doll next to the doll to get a idea how big it is.My china painting on the body and ESPECIALLY the face is less then even decent.Don’t look at the lipstick on the doll,it’s so dark I’ll have to repaint and refire it one of these days.China painting is so freaking hard to get the hang of it’s like a cross between oil painting *which I’m also not good at* and enameling because it has to be kiln fired.And to get a good depth of color you have to do several coats and firing.You can see the doll is also a finger amputee victim,which is my fault for once not Grumpy’s.Which is ok because it’s a doll for me to keep and it I just wanted to cast the parts so people could see the ball jointed body option.You can see the vintage bodies were made to be sort of genderless/ageless looking.Eventual I want to make a breast and also maybe penis mold so I can add them when needed to the body to make it look more male or female.Allot of the bodies were used for both lady and baby doll type dolls.Which I could never understand why they never made bodies with breast.I guess since they were Victorian dolls they didn’t want the bodies to be immodest.The higher end dolls were usually dressed in the latest European fashions and shipped to the US ect to show women the latest fashions,which again puzzles me as to why they don’t have smaller waist and actual breast.The breast thing could also be a issue of ease in molding.When sculpting doll breast you have the issue of undercuts which is tricky to work around.
I’m keeping this particular one to use as a model for my photography.Let me tell you having to cast,clean fire and paint all those ball jointed parts is sooooooooo much freaking hard work.Oh God it’s hard work and ceramic casting is NOT forgiving,if you fire the piece and see a bubble came out even if it’s a pin hole sized hole,you are just screwed.I made myself read Dali’s
50 Secrets of Magic Craftsmanship to try and psych myself up about getting the hang of china painting.LOL

~ by Ugly Shyla on June 12, 2009.

One Response to “Victorian ball jointed doll”

  1. This is really cool. When I was a kid I had a “Popeye” doll that was built almost the same.

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