The New Puggy

Around Monday I sold my Conjoined Twins/Golden Thread piece and so I had a little cash in the bank.
My mother and I have been trying to find a new pug since ours passes.They are hard to find in Southern Louisiana.
I had a doc’s appointment and my mom stopped by a mini-mart and got us a classified paper to read while we were in the doc’s office.And low and behold I found a listing for 2 pug puppies.
I had called one place a few days before up in northern Louisiana that had some really pretty ones but it was a 2 hour drive AND the puppies were 800.00 and I don’t have that kind of cash laying around,Hell I have had cars I didn’t pay 800.00 for.LOL
My mother really wanted another because she was EXTREMELY broken hearted over Sven’s passing.It was like with me when Scooter passed it was imposable for her to deal with.
I had be looking and looking for a new pug for her and was like I said having a hell of a time.So I told her the min we finished up at the doc’s we’d head over the Welsh to see them and I’d get 250.00 out of the bank if she wanted one.
We headed over there which is out in the boonies at a nice trailer on sort of farm land.We asked to see them and they had to in a cage.One was sort of shy and the other one came barreling out of the cage like it was nuts.Naturally mom wanted that one.
For a pug it’s actually a well behaved dog,it’s a puppy so it doesn’t like being left alone and wants to jump all over you.But my mother seems to be really happy with her.She hasn’t cried once since we got her.*which is mainly to do with the fact the snazzy pug keeps her to busy so she can’t get sad.
The day Scooter died mom made me get a new cat,which as you all know is Mr Manxy and I don’t think I would have made it through that,were it not for the fact Mr Manxy is just weird and squirrely so I was to busy with him to go to insane with grief.
Oh we named the pug Possum Holler after a bar George Jones had,since I’m reading his book right now and enjoying his tales of singing,ass kicking and whisky drinking.
Possum is in the living room whining and putting random things in her mouth she shouldn’t and also reminding me WHY I’m more of a cat person.LOL

~ by Ugly Shyla on July 9, 2009.

3 Responses to “The New Puggy”

  1. awwww! Possum is such a cutie! and you are such an awesome daughter!

  2. yey!! he’s cute!

  3. awwww, it’s so CUTE, lookit that witto FAYCE!!! hi to your mom and congrats on the baby!

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