Plus sized t-shirt poll

I’m going to order some new ugly art doll tees soon and I need to know what sizes to order again.Plus side mainly being the main worry.So if you are plus size XL or over please take my pool it would help me ALLOT!If you were buy ones of my shirts and you are plus sized what size are you?Please click the button with your size next to it so I can figure out what plus sizes to order.Shirts are Unisex style shirts.
The co I use has XXL and XXXL as their plus sizes.So if you are over a XL please vote for which one you are.

~ by Ugly Shyla on August 5, 2009.

4 Responses to “Plus sized t-shirt poll”

  1. I usually fit a size XL in unisex, a 2X if it’s a babydoll tee.

  2. Ooh ok. I usually go for an XL in something unisex so I don’t have to alter it if it was an expensive tshirt and it still fits somewhat correctly. Unless it’s a shirt I have to have I tend to skip unisex shirts they just don’t fit me well in general at all.

  3. I’d vote but I’d have to know what type of shirts they are. Unisex? Girly cut? Mens shirts? The fits on those varies so widely from vendor to vendor especially plus size shirts. And I’m a picky bastard, I have yet to find an XXL girly cut t shirt outside of Target that actually fits my particular fat body properly.

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