Who want’s to see my ovaries/cyst????LOL

Y’all all know this was coming.Pic’s of my ovaries from my ultrasounds.No body get worried I’m not dying I just have cyst and Pcos allot of women have it and it’s not deadly just annoying.And you know me I find grossness slightly amusing even if it involves my own body.LOL Info on the disorder.And I guess I’m posting this a tiny bit I’m also doing this to raise women’s awareness about it.And encourage them to get treatment.
And onto the pic’s…You can see my ovaries circled in white.The black sport are the cyst and you can see my right one is more cyst then ovary.LOL.The little gray parts around it are ovary clinging for dear life.LOL

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~ by Ugly Shyla on August 5, 2009.

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