Confusion about art and and the loss of reality.

As horrible,complicated and difficult as some art forms are,and I’m talking about the actual making of art.Some of it is so hard the get the hang of and just so stressful to make the thing that confuses me the most about art is not the technique aspect of it but the politics of it.
Like for instance I was discussing with a fellow artist how shall remain nameless about how we both have felt utter heartbreak at seeing our work copied by some one else.
But of us could understand what a awful feeling that is.But for some reason allot of people will feel NO sympathy towards you in said situation.Even if someone has blatantly ripped your off and your work has a huge amount of personal meaning to you.People also don’t understand it’s also a issue of stealing food off your table.I’m assuming most non-artist don’t understand what a upset it is.They can’t imagine *unless they work at a place where they get paid on a commission basis,then they understand* going to work in say their cubical or at the store they are employed at to find somebody getting there a few hours before you and collecting your paycheck.
What confuses me even more is not only are some people totally nonchalant about a artist getting upset if their work is ripped off,but some people are almost hostile towards the artist who is being plagiarized or even more insulting they think you should be FLATTERED.I think some of it has to do with that in general will get more flack for expression a opinion online then you will if you flap your labia for all to see on the internet.
Another thing that puzzles the hell out of me in the art scene *and it’s prob in all art scenes now,Music,fashion,visual art ect.* is that in times past everybody was looking for the next new thing.The next art style,the next music scene and the next totally out there original fashion.*and don’t interject that nothing is new under the sun,because some humans are born with a imagination,and if you say that even jokingly I have PMS so bad it won’t be pretty*.There doesn’t seem to be any support or search for the next new thing.
What really made me realized how strange that is was reading George Jones’ bio where he bitched about the same thing and also a convo I had with my mother.
My mother is in her 50’s and some really crappy band came on the radio and my mother remarked how everything sound the same.And that she didn’t understand how any new band got a big break anymore.When she was younger the main thing a band had to do was tour and if you could get a few radio stations to play your song you had a chance at success.And that in the past decades if you turn on any station of any genre in any area,they all have a set list of songs they play.Nobody has a chance in hell anymore of say a rock band walking into a rock radio station *no matter how tiny of a area the station covers* and telling the DJ “Hey can you listen to this and maybe play it if you think it’s any good?”.And she wanted to know how the underground bands still survived?After she said that it really hit me.
Same goes for even things like visual art,you can’t *even if you are a amazing talent* walk into a established gallery and say “Hey want to show my work?”.You have to bring in a resume like you are applying for a CEO job,and have the right connections or slept with the right connections and you work better fit in the genre of what is popular at the time or they won’t even take their eyes off the desk and look at you much less your art.
In my little time here on earth and my little time of being old enough to go out I have noticed how audiences at live shows again of any art form are dwindling.I’m sure the advent of the internet has allot to do with it.But there is so much of a vast difference of seeing a live show then looking at a video of it on You Tube.
And what the hell is up with people going to things like live shows and standing there twittering or myspacing about the show and not even taking in the REAL LIFE EXPERIENCE of the show.
I was reading about how at ComicCon when Johnny Depp showed up,that things like Twitter and Myspace exploded and people were calling friends on the phone about being excited Johnny Depp being there.Ok if you are excited about anybody making a experience anywhere wouldn’t you do what you are supposed to and stand there and do whatever it is you do when you see a celebrity you like?Either stand there and gawk,ask for their autograph or listen to what they have to say or just do something to enjoy the experience of being there?Like almost every woman on earth I think Johnny Depp is the greatest thing since sliced bread as a actor and in the looks dept.So if I saw him I’d stare and drool like you are supposed to.I wouldn’t be busy pulling out my phone to twitter to my dumb ass social network about him standing right in front of me,I’d be busying staring and drooling like you are SUPPOSED to do.
I don’t think people even care about reality or holding something tangible in their hands,or value the rich experiences of life at all anymore.Everything is becoming something to add notches to your cool belt,and there is nothing wrong about AFTER some thing happened wanting to tell your friends.There is nothing wrong in enjoying people praising you for being good at what your do or that you are “cool” if that floats your boat,but it shouldn’t be a trade off for existing in reality or appreciating tangible things.
As a artist it scares me,because what I do is about as tangible as you can get.I put my hands in dirt and paint and bring things out of the ethers into reality and I’m so scared that just even the emotional value on that will be lost.

~ by Ugly Shyla on August 14, 2009.

One Response to “Confusion about art and and the loss of reality.”

  1. Thank you.

    It’s like that with so much of life these days … homogenized strip malls and restaurants, you can’t travel the country and even tell where you are half the time, save for the weather.

    Nothing seems true, just carbon copies of something else

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