Anorexia Nervosa

This is something I constant babble about because I’m so confused and disturbed by it,And I’m sure y’all think I sound like a broken record but I don’t care.
But am I the only one totally put off my the instance of anorexia in some *I don’t want to say allot because I hope it’s not as bad as I think* of the alt models with anorexia or that have either eating disorders or are on things like the Cocaine Diet.And before y’all start I’m not talking about girls that are naturally very thin.I know that some girls are very thin naturally and also shouldn’t be made to feel like a outcast and that beauty is ONLY a Marilyn Monroe body.
Don’t think I don’t know that some of y’all are reading this and saying “well everybody doesn’t want to look like your fat,big boobed ass”.And I have nothing against girls wanting to be thin/fit.
But I do have a problem with even the subcultures showing everybody trying to fit into one mold,and in the prevalence of what I call the Alt Bro Ho’s,the “alt” models,musicians ect that look like a Bro Ho with maybe a odd colored streak in their hair or a “alt” tattoo.
Need I remind people that alternative and subculture is SUPPOSED to mean different then the mainstream.
The reason it creeps me out is it creeps me out for the generation behind us.I know how difficult it was at times growing up being “different”.You have to deal with enough shit from the “normal” people around you which is enough to make you crack.But what the hell are the say 15 year old punk,emo,goth *and insert subculture here* girls dealing with,when not only do you have to feel like a weirdo because you don’t fit in with normal people but have to deal with being bombarded with images in your own subculture that beat you over the head to show you should be sexy or be stick thin.It’s not good for normal girls to have to deal with that much less when you are a subculture girl and already feel like a outcast.
Even more weird is the fact I can understand the stress that makes mainstream models turn to things like anorexia,because if you are a very well known say Playboy model you get MONEY out of it,if you are a big enough name you get good money from it.But if you are a alt model even if you are doing paid erotica or flat out porn you very very very likely aren’t making bank.I don’t even really understand why alt models go through that much damn trouble.Some alt erotica girls have told me it’s because knowing people will see you naked and see every little bit of you makes you want to be as thin as possible,and the camera adding pounds on you at certain angles ect.Again I can totally understand at that point if you want to be as FIT as possible,because you like looking fit and what to look that way,again thought be fit don’t starve yourself.
Plus if you have to eat nothing to be really thin maybe your body and your genetics aren’t made for your body to be that way.
Like 99.9% of the women out there I’d like to be a few pounds lighter,I’m uncomfortable with my boobs being this big because it’s hard to find clothes to fit.I’d like to be a few pounds lighter and have no delusions or desire to look like Mary Kate Olsen.I also realize that I’m Cajun and my body is not made to look like a skinny,flat white girl body.I would have to be on death’s door to look that way,and I still would have boobs and a bubble butt.
I think that is also something lost on allot of girls.The fact that you body has a basic shape it’s supposed to be,and especially if you are of certain ethnic varieties.
I was also reading about how the number of black girls with anorexia is rising,again I want to grab these girls and shake them and tell them you body is not SUPPOSED to be straight up and down like a stick.Your body is made differently and if you try and lose your curves they will not go away,so it’s pointless to try.And if you do get to the point of looking like Paris Hilton you will be at death’s door.
Thank God that when I first started traveling with my art I noticed that when I went up north ect that all the women looked different from me.They were taller and not as curvy ect.After traveling around a bit and coming back home I realized that Cajun women have a certain body type,and there was nothing wrong with it and no matter what I did I wouldn’t look more like a Caucasian women because I’m not MADE that way.
I don’t know it just disturbs me that the mainstream bullshit of not being pretty if you aren’t thin,sexy,have straight hair ect are bulldozing their way into places like the subcultures and also in the ethnic communities.

~ by Ugly Shyla on August 25, 2009.

One Response to “Anorexia Nervosa”

  1. i’ve always been too thin. but naturally that way. after my hysterectomy i gained 20 lbs and in ALL the right places. i was curvy and felt way sexier than ever!

    in fact, i’d like to gain another 5 – 10 lbs.

    i always want to tell those young girls “boys like the curves!”

    the important thing is to be comfortable in your own skin, no matter how you’re shaped.

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