Anointed With Blood Dream.

I had one of my disturbing doll/living statue type dreams again.This one was really strange and vivid and I don’t remember one affecting me this much since I had the first dead baby type dream.
It started out I was on a hill in a sort of park walking around in one of my big poufy 50’s dresses.There were other people around and as I went back to my car to leave *which was a big 50’s car* I found the prettiest gold ring with bright blue stones.One big blue stone in the middle and a bunch of tiny ones around that.It had 4 names on the gold disk under the blue stones.I remember one being something like Prudence.It reminded me of the types of rings mothers wear with their kids names and birthstones on it.
Next in the dream I’m in a small trailer house or camper,somebody opens a suitcase and it’s water stained inside but in the water stains I can see faces so I find a piece of charcoal and start tracing out the ghostly faces I see.Them I go sit at a table not far from the suitcase.I’m eating some fluffy chocolate pie with whip cream.But the table has too many eating utensils and other things,I was a place for us to eat but also some of the things were apart of a yard sale of sorts.There are other people at the table and a black woman comes up *which I now realize may have been Erzulie Dantor* and takes some knives and other weird cutting instruments off the table and asks if she can buy them,I told her yes those were for sale.She showed me the things she picked up and said “You see theses,they are good because they are made from really strong hard metal,and will cut through things like meat.These are the kind you want.”
After that I go outside and am going to get on a bike and ride off,but I thought I might take my pie along with me to eat along the way.I tried to bike and eat at the same time and it’s not working.So I go back to the spot I was before and told somebody it was to hard for me to try and eat and bike at the same time,I’d just come back here and finish my pie.I may have been talking to the black woman I don’t remember seeing who it was but I think it was a woman.I sit and finish my pie and bike off.
Along the way I get the bike stuck in somebody’s yard and have to go around a few times to get it out because it was sort of bogged down in gravel and next to a little pond or pool.I get the bike out and go along my way.
Now I’m in a big grocery store buying things to make salad,I keep looking for alternatives to Lettuce because the Lettuce is 5.00 and I didn’t have the money for it.I try and get a purple cabbage or purple and white turnips.I don’t know if Erzulie eats that or what that was about.Then I go down one of the aisles and there are weird purple tomato looking things.A older black man with light skin in a suit *which might have been one of the Baron’s* comes up and starts explaining to me about plants ect and explains to me the purple things are tomatoes.And lets me taste one,it tasted like a Tomatillo.He then shows me a screen of a beach/water scene and told me to watch that when the water goes down the water will be cherry red and the sky will be teal.
I’m outside of the store now on some hills again,somebody is telling me we need to find the water supplies,and again I’m on like a bike or something.Again I find this odd silver wire ring,it almost looked like a Veve and I put it on and it stings my finger and feels like it becomes a part of my finger.
Now I’m in a old room,there is china cabinets all around me with various odd old things in it,like religious statues and such.I pick up a box with elephants on it,a man who is with me asks me what is it.I tell him it’s a charm box,it was like a little puzzle but I knew how to open it.I open it and I tell the guy there will be parchments in there for good luck and blessings.I get it open and there is parchments in there with black ashes in there too.I tell the guy it likely belonged to somebody who had died.
Next I go into another cabinet and let a long wooden box out from between 2 angel statues.One of the angel statues is blond with a rust colored dress and holding a sculpture of a flame.I take the box out and I don’t know if I got something out of it or what.I just remember putting it back into the cabinet between the angel statues.
At this point there are allot of people gathered in the room,like a ceremony is about to happen.I walk over to a kind of china cabinet without glass that is a altar.There is a stark white angel statue on the top.I’m holding a vial of blood which I had to put my blood in before hand.I kneel down in front of the angel statue and say some prayers I don’t remember and hold the vial of blood up and stand up half way.
The angel statue comes to life and dips it’s two fingers *it’s hands were in the position of the way you see Jesus statues with the two finger raised* into the vial of blood and anoints my forehead with it and it starts running down to my face.I’m still holding the vial above my head and kneel back down and pour the rest of the small vial on my head.But the blood seems to be multiplying and I’m covered all over my face and shoulders.I stand up and push my hands forward and huge billows of fire shoot out,it was big billows of fire but it was light and airy looking and wasn’t hot.I wasn’t expecting this and it’s like my consciousness is behind or above me,like when a person is possessed.I go to talk and all I hear is some weird language and I see I’m sort of spinning throwing around the billows of fire.At this point again my consciousness is next to me not IN me.I think man this is too much to handle the possession is out of control.I start saying Hail Mary’s thinking it will settle down whatever is running amuck in my body.But it does nothing to affect it so I realize that it’s supposed to be happening.After that there is more of me wandering around doing things like insisting people dress in ceremonial clothes ect for the ceremony.
Shortly after that I woke up,when I woke up I was totally disoriented and am having a why the hell did I have to see/dream,be shook up like that day.
In a side note:Sometimes in voodoo possession even if it seems crazy and violent that is just the way the Loa tends to behave,but at other times it’s just a regular spirit being mischievous trying to disrupt things,so the possessed will have to be prayed over,taken aside or given water to get the spirit out.If it’s a loa they are led off to be dressed in ceremonial clothing and led back into the ceremony.
The dream wasn’t exactly scary content wise,but it was so real and vivid it really shook me up.My mother asked me to ride to the store with her and I had to tell her no that I had one of my scary doll/statue dreams,and thankfully enough she is used to my odd behavior so she left and came back.She came back and had to hear my chattering about the scary doll/statue dream.Then when I woke up after the dream I turn on the TV and a movie is coming on.There are lots of tacky costumes and women belly dancing.I think Hey this seems pretty good so I’m sitting there watching it and I realize it’s a damn Ray Harryhausen movie.Great just what I need more scary doll statue action.I just woke up a hour ago and I’m already ready for the day to be over.LOL.
Those dreams leave me feeling so weirded out and disoriented like I’m not fully back in my body or am misplaced or something.

~ by Ugly Shyla on October 4, 2009.

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