A LA gallery vanished with all my friend’s work.

The LAPD collected John’s work and 1/3 is scratched, not horrible but enough so that it’s not sellable.So he got it back but some of the piece were damaged.

A LA Gallery vanished with all my friend John Santerineross’ work.Here is the info from my friend John,if anybody has any leads please let John know at
john@santerineross.com he’s like a bother to me so I feel horrible about what he’s going through.

From John Santerineross:
Ok so here are the details as of Sunday Nov. 29 2009.
I was contacted back about 6 months ago about doing a solo show of my images in a LA downtown gallery named Todd/ Browning Gallery run/owned by William (Wil) Eisesman.
We made arrangements for the show to run from Nov. 11th to Dec 5th 2009.
Contracts were signed, etc I also sent him a case of books to sell at the opening gala.
The opening went off very well , all the work was hung nicely and the general reaction to the show was very positive.
Between these times Wil and I talk often on the phone and through emails.
On Friday Nov . 27th a friend of mine wanted to bring her son to see the show. When she arrived the Gallery was gone.
No sign, no furniture, no work , no books, all of my 18 pieces were gone. It looked like is was an empty store front.
She immediately called me.
I called Wil, & emailed him several times, Nothing.
No return calls , no return emails, nothing.
And mind you that through all of this he never once mentioned to me that he was closing the show early, or moving out or that anything was wrong in any way. Through all of our correspondences both on the phone and email there was no sign of anything being wrong.
In fact, and here is the kicker , My wife Heather Eve called him on Wednesday Nov. 25th to check-in because we had not received promised photos of the opening and he said nothing and in fact said “I am hoping for a good black Friday for sales “
So here I sit waiting to file a police report with the LAPD on Monday morning.
Still have heard nothing, Gallery is empty , Mr. Eiseman is MIA, my work is MIA.
Almost $15, 000 dollars worth of art gone.
I have no clue as what to do, except to warn other artist and spread this story in hopes that it may save someone else a lot of money and aggravation.
Beware this person.
William Eiseman dba Todd/Browning Gallery of 211 West 5th Street, Los Angeles CA 90013

~ by Ugly Shyla on November 29, 2009.

8 Responses to “A LA gallery vanished with all my friend’s work.”

  1. LATEST UPDATE: The saga continues with Mr Wil Eiseman of Polyester Gallery, Omaha, NE

    Hi, I’m posting another update on Mr Wil Eiseman, to remind artists why they should never do business with him. A month ago, I finally received three of my four pieces of art back from Mr Eiseman. The many months of pleading via phone calls and emails got me no where until I made the drastic move of contacting the police in L.A and Omaha. Even though Mr Eiseman told me this wasn’t a motivator for him my work, was then sent by a cheap courier back to Australia. Three months later, I received a call from an Australian Shipping company. My work had finally arrived. Mr Eiseman had elected not to pay any of the taxes, leaving me with $300 worth of expenses and hours of paperwork upon collection of my work. When I opened the television box that he shipped my pictures in, I discovered that he had loosely wrapped my fragile artwork in a piece of brown paper. I was devastated. Naturally, all of the work was ruined. The work that i had fought tooth and nail to get home for many months was now worthless. Prior to receiving my three pictures, i sadly agreed to let him destroy the one remaining piece in his possession. The agreement was that he would reimburse me financially for my loss. I did receive a broken piece of my artwork in the mail two weeks later but no cheque ever followed. In it place was another contract of sorts, asking me to sign that i would delete my previous posts on this blog spot in exchange for a cheque. I have learnt my lesson the hard way but I would never want anyone to go through what i went through with this man. Readers of this blog, please, pass this information along to warn other artists. Nothing this man says or does can ever be trusted.

  2. I am an Australian Artist who has experienced many problems with Wil Eiseman I agreed to be part of a show “Beneath the Valley of the Dolls” at Todd Browning Gallery in L.A in 2009. None of the work sold so I reluctantly agreed to let Wil take the work to Arkansas to his ‘new’ gallery for another show. I was reluctant because every encounter with Wil in the past had set off warning bells in my head. I should have listened because now, its been almost a year and he still has $4,000 worth of my work. Communication has been impossible and at my expense. He has dishonored our contract by not returning the work. At first, he told me this was because he couldn’t afford it – he had permanently mounted the work (his decision) – making it difficult to ship back cheaply. He offered to destroy the work instead and give me some money towards my printing costs. Have you ever heard of anything so offensive! The most frustrating part is that he defends his reasons as if they are normal and acceptable. It has become clear to me, far too late that I am not dealing with a professional person. Wil has even gone so far as to tell me he sent the work home but refuses to give me a name of the courier or any kind of traceable evidence. I suppose I will never see my work again as I can only assume that he has sold it. I am considering coming to the U.S to deal with the situation. If anyone has any advice on what I can do from here, it would be much appreciated.

  3. Mr. Gordon
    It is now Dec 16th and you still insist on defending your friend Mr. Eiseman. I thought that he wanted this to all just be forgotten, since the LAPD released my work to a friend, yes i said the LAPD, in LA , so since you want to continue this dialog , i will. I never stated he stole it, i said the gallery diapered and i was not able to reach anyone at the gallery for 3 days. i was never informed my show would be moving to another location and that in itself is wrong and unprofessional. and it violates my contract with Todd/Browning Gallery that states. (9. Removal from Gallery. The Gallery shall not lend out, remove from the premises, or sell on approval any of the Artworks, without first obtaining written permission from the Artist.) what do you have to say about that. and as far as me attending my own opening, what was i to do if i did attend, stand outside the door for the month to make sure the gallery did not disappear. your words Mr. Gordon are ridiculous and offensive.

  4. Okay Iam VERY HAPPY he got his work back. You have to understand when someone finds out like this. Yes it is wrong to accuse, but wouldn’t you think tha owner of the Gallery should have e-mails to all the Artist saying he was doiung that?????
    Anyway good that eveything is turnimg out well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The facts of the matter are that the gallery was moving and the artwork was placed in storage over the holiday weekend and since returned to the artist. I am a frequent customer of the gallery and was at the opening of the exhibition. Funny…if the artist was so concerned about his work, why didn’t he bother to attend as it was his first LA show? Trashing someone’s reputation on the web should be a libelous offense.

    • I am going through the same problem right now – the gallery closed, took my work, and never returned another phone call or email. He did not put it in storage, he sold it and did not tell me. The fact that the gallery is closing/closed is horrible and I’m sorry but that has absolutely nothing to do with the artist who deserves to know where his/her work is and deserves the right to be the handler in the move. I want my work/pay check and have no idea where to begin.

  6. Juan ReynosoThat’s like stealing part of the SOUL from an artist!!!

  7. That’s like stealing part of the SOUL from an artist!!!
    Do you have pictures of you work so if people see them they can report to the LAPD.

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