I refuse to let them ruin my kindness.

I refuse to let people’s shitty rude and idiotic behavior turn me into a heartless,unkind bastard.
This past month alone I have gotten into it with several different people who have nothing to do with one another because tried to be polite or nice.Or have had people be rude to me for no reason what so ever!
People like that are the ones that turn people into horrible cut throat,conniving,innocent people abusing bastards and I REFUSE to let people do that to ME!
I’m southern so I was raised to where you are kind to people unless they give you a reason to be,and in turn people if they have a OUNCE of behavior skills or what we call “proper raising” will do the same in return.But some have neither and they should be ashamed to behave like that in public and worse on public forums where God and country can see their shitty rude behavior.
I have some amazing,awesome friends or even just people I have never met in person in my life that I know through the internet,who have gone out of their way to help me or be kind to me or are just generally be awesome.And I will NOT have the shitty bad apples in the bunch ruin me from being nice to people and getting to meet or extend kindness to people like that.I will not let them ruin my desire to be kind to people like that.
But Lord knows I can see why some people become horrible human beings and are just outright assholes to their fellow man be in strangers or close friends.People like that really turn you off and make me want to be one of those elitist assholes on the internet that speaks to no one even if they speak to me first or are showing appreciation for what I do.
I’m also so annoyed with the idea that just because you are a Satanist you are supposed to treat everybody like shit,or lie,cheat and steal even from friends to get your way.Being a Satanist you are supposed to take pride in yourself and your behavior and if you behave in that shitty of a manner you have NOTHING to be proud of.If you are incapable of helping a friend or even wipe your own ass without conniving somebody into doing it for you,then you have NOTHING to be proud of.At that point you haven’t even earned the right to breath air.
I don’t appreciate uncalled for rude or shitty behavior and I will not tolerate it.If you do it I will call you out and publicly shame because you damn well deserve it.I beseech you all to the the same when somebody is behaving in a uncalled for rotten manner.Maybe if the “mark” them they will feel the sting of shame and learn to behave as decent human beings!
“Now I beseech you, brethren, mark them which cause divisions and offences contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned; and avoid them” (Roman 16:17).

~ by Ugly Shyla on December 27, 2009.

One Response to “I refuse to let them ruin my kindness.”

  1. Well said lil Blue. I too find it odd that Satanists are thought to be the most horrid, unkind, conniving persons, when the Satanists that I know personally are some of the nicest people ever. Granted, they won’t take any shit. But why should they, anymore than any other person? The uninformed tend to group a true Satanist in with the Egotists – those stupid wankers who harm animals and do stupid conjuring rituals while screaming “hey look at me I worship the Devil” blah blah blah. Yeah, you touched on a nerve babe. And don’t let these as-yet unnamed jerks change you. You’re a beautiful naiad and you should stay that way. Blessings for the upcoming New Year!

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