So I got in a car crash

I was at work at the thrift store in the morning.Usually when I get there our helper Sally is already there and then Allen comes in later.So I usually will cook some bagels or something for us all for breakfast.I started cooking the bagels and I realized I didn’t have any cream cheese and not enough butter to go around.
I came home to get some,got back in my car and my house is right by some crossroads.I pull into the road in front of a man behind me.I stop at the red-light which then turns green.Mind you where I live right when you pull out you are right at the red light,so you don’t usually have to deal with yielding at a yellow light because you can see it’s a red light and just drive up and stop or just go if it’s green* so I stop at the red light which must have been red when I drove up there and turned green.I go straight ahead and just as I’m passing the cross roads I see this guy barreling down the road.He’s looking down at the console area like if you are looking down to put a drink in the drink holder or to change the radio.I’m half way T-ed across from him and I see him totally NOT looking up which driving.Which is VERY VERY bad for this area because this is the ghetto and ALLOT of people cross right there walking because they don’t have cars.He’s looking down and I see him barreling towards me and I swerve thinking ok he will see me and hit his breaks and we will have a fender bender.He never even taps his break because like I said he was NOT looking at anything but the floor of his car.
NOoooooooooo.He just SLAMS into me.WHAM!Into my front passenger side.As I’m going into the steep ditch all I can think about is to hold on to my steering wheel really tight so I don’t get jostled around.My arm is sore today from holding on to it so tight and I guess bumping against the car door.I remember seeing glass explode and the head light just fly off.The speed limit is 35 there and from the damage on the car and it looked to me like he was going a bit fast I’m now wondering if he was speeding.
After I come to a stop in the steep stupid ditch,I realize I’m all tangled up in the air bags and seat belt.And I know a car can explode after being hit if the gas can is puncher.I tell myself to not panic and just make sure and think clearly since it could be a dangerous situation.I hurry and untangle myself and I can’t get my driver door open.And I can’t get the passenger one open.I was actually thankful that the glass on the passenger side broke so I could climb out of there.Which wasn’t all that easy since I was in that stupid ditch.My little Cajun feet aren’t made for uphill climbing.
I get out and walk up to the guy who hit me to see if he was ok and I walked back to the field by the ditch my car was in so I could call my mom.I called Sally since I had the cell phone and told her to tell mom I was in a wreck and I was ok and on the corner.Then Sally called me back and it dawned on me to tell her WHAT corner.LOL.
Thankfully the one cop I know that knows me was the one that came to the scene and hollered my last name and asked me if I was OK.And I told him yea I was all right.
While I’m waiting a few folks drove up to see if everybody was ok then this little old black lady that comes into the store almost everyday must have passed and saw me standing near my destroyed car and she parked by my friend Gary’s building and came running up to see if I was ok.She was all upset and worried about me and at that time mom came up and she was hugging on mom and telling her I was ok and asking if she was ok ect.Mom and Allen came to see if I was ok and Allen looked all upset too and I felt so bad for making everybody worried.I was scared mom would totally freak out but since I was outside of the car and walking around talking to the cops ect she knew I was ok.Thankfully I think they drove up the back side so she saw me before she saw the destroyed car.Which kept her calm.The ambulance arrives and they ask me if I want to go and I told them my neck just hurt a little bit,and I had beat the heck out of outer thigh on the car door and that was the only thing really hurting.The airbag just brushed me on the side of my head by my fake eyebrow and I was a little red there and I scraped my knee on my jeans hitting the dash I guess.At first I told them I didn’t need the ambulance but I changed my mind because knowing me my thigh bone could have been snapped in half and it wouldn’t hurt me.I figured if I went then in the ambulance I wouldn’t have to go back later and wait 3 days in the waiting room to get seen.
The guy who hit me after the wreck got out and was walking around just holding his chest.Which I’m SURE he hit being as he was driving with his HEAD DOWN.But when the ambulance came he starts acting like a elephant sat on him or something.Moaning and groaning like somebody had just murdered him.
They put him into the ambulance and I tell them I want to go get checked out.Well for some CRAZED reason they put us in the SAME ONE.What in the WORLD!Thankfully I was on good behavior because I didn’t know what was going on and why the guy wasn’t looking ect.But if I had wanted to be a jerk I could have just jumped on that guy and started whooping him being as they stuck us in the same ambulance.I don’t know why they would put two people who are in a conflicting situation together in a ambulance.
I get to the hospital and mom rode in the front of the ambulance to come with me.I realize I feel sort of itchy all over and it dawns on me that it’s because I have glass head to toe.None of it cut me but I don’t know why they don’t at least brush you off before strapping you to the gurney.
During this Sally closes up the store to come check on me and called my cousin Torrey so they got all worried and Torrey called her husband Kevin who is a mortician to let him know I had been in a wreck.Which worried him too and then he got really scared when he saw the other funeral home driving around like they were going to get somebody.
They put me in a exam room.OF COURSE I get put in the OB/GYN room,lets put miss always has cramps in the pelvic exam room.LOL.
By now Sally and Torrey come to the hospital to check on me.They ask what room I’m in and the guy’s family who hit me over heard them and told them the “girl who ran the red light and HIT HIM was in room 3”.Whatever!They also noticed the guy who hit me has tape on his arm like they took blood.So I don’t know if maybe they thought he was drinking and took a blood alcohol test,because they didn’t take my blood or give me anything in my arm.
The nurses come in and ask the usual stuff and tell me they want to X-ray me.But they ask me when my last menstrual period was.I told them I was on it.Because you can’t go wrong with cramps AND a car crash.So they tell me they have to give me a pregnancy test before I can get a X-ray.I asked “even if I’m ON my period” they say they just have too.I say ok thinking thank God I get to go pee because I needed to go anyway after the excitement.They tell me I have to have a catheter,I have had one of those in my life and NEVER EVER plan on another.It’s not the catheter part that is so horrible it’s the trying to pee after they have scrapped up your insides with that stupid thing.They wouldn’t let me go because they didn’t want me to stand on my leg.Oh and the wonderful doc I had to see was the one that told me I was just crazy when I was having such bad hormone probs and actually has PCOS.He’s a jerk so I ask them if I can please just pee normally,they tell me they will go ask him.They come back and tell me I can pee in a bed pan.Which I don’t get because to put a bed pan under my bubble butt they had to almost contort my lower back UP to get it under me.So if my neck or back was hurt it was finished off at that point.Mind you I’m one of those people that even has a hard time peeing in a public restroom.The nurses tell me that sometimes it’s hard for people to go with people in the room and they could step out.I told them that would be great if they could do that.Then min they left I said to heck with it and pulled the stupid collar off and untapped myself from that horrid board and squatted and peed like a few drops in the bed pan.Which was about as big as the little drip pan you put under a George Forman grill.Yea I could have totally peed in that on my back.But they busted me before I could slip back under my straps on my Hannibal Lector stretcher.And the nurses wouldn’t let me take my own pants off so they had to see my black cat underwear and of COURSE I have a maxi pad on too AND I hadn’t shaved my legs in over a week.Yay go classy me.I started joking with the nurses about at least I had clean and cool looking underpants on and that they had to forgive me for not shaving my legs.They told me after working in the ER they worry about that too if they get in a accident and you don’t have on clean underwear that day.LOL.
After that my mom comes back into the room and a male nurse comes in.The thermometer is on this big o’l IV type pole and has a BIG O’L chain attaching it to it.He tells us they have to chain that on there because people were stealing them so bad.And that is also why they have the big pelvic exam light because they stole the other pelvic exam lights,the forceps and also somebody came in with a trench coat on and stole the paintings off the wall of the hospital.Ahhh the charming south.
They X-rayed me and found nothing was broken and gave me some pain meds and a anti-inflammatory and leave me in the exam room with my mom so I can put my drawers and pants back on.I ask my mom to help me because I felt like I still had glass all over me,so she helped brush me off and shake it out of my hair.And I realized my bra felt itchy.I pull my cups out and out falls a handful of glass.I realize how hard I was hit at that point when you have glass in your bra cups.None of it had cut me though,thank God that would have HURT!
While I was in the ER I found out the guy who was behind me *who I don’t know if he knows the man that hit me,but they are around the same age peer group ect* said what I did was He flagged me on to get in front of him in the road *which he did not or I did not see because he was far away enough for me to safely pull in in front of him,which was far enough where I couldn’t have seen if he was flagging me in.And that I pulled in and then stopped at the red-light for a few moments and then just went on through.Which doesn’t even make any sense.You either run a red light or you just plow through.And let me say I’m crazy in some aspects of life but I’m NOT one of those that is a crazy driver.I don’t like driving so I’m very paranoid when driving.I do NOT speed,have never had a speeding ticket and obey the traffic laws because if you don’t you could hurt somebody and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself if I did that.You can ask my mother and she will tell you I drive like a blue haired old woman.
Which makes the accusation even more aggravating.I’m very worried now that I will get accused of being in the wrong and insurance won’t pay for a replacement car 😦
Car crash bruise on my left outer thigh.The only injury I came out with from the car crash.Thank the Lord I have lots O’ padding on my butt area.LOL

~ by Ugly Shyla on January 26, 2010.

6 Responses to “So I got in a car crash”

  1. OUCH! Looks painful, but glad it wasn’t any worse. Have you heard any more on what the guy was doing, drinking, using a cell phone?
    Andy was plowed back before Christmas. About the same situation…other driver not paying attention.
    Get better soon.

  2. Hey BeautifulDoll, Gracious..sounds like one stupid ass driver who doesnt belong on the streets to me and hope your doing okay luv! Happy to hear you made it out though. You’re a beauty and I admire you’re wonderous talent. Miss_Diamond Butterfly Kiss to you luv! xoxo

  3. Ouch! That was one heluva bedtime story. Glad you’re ok! Get better soon ya hear? That poor car gave it’s life to protect you! xo

  4. damn girl that sucks

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