My V-day wishlist and things I like.

My Valentines Day Wishlist
Kindness doesn’t go unrewarded ,I also send thank you notes to whomever sends me gifts.So make sure and include your postal addy with the gift,if you would like a thank you note from me.
Gifts can be sent to: UGLY SHYLA, PO BOX 439,JENNINGS,LA, 70546 or if it’s a e-gift certificate it may be e-mailed to

Things I’d like.Victoria’s Secret gift cards cause I’m in need of some better bras,A digital SLR cam even if a used older model so I can get the hang of shooting with one,Photography lighting again used is fine because I’m just getting the hang of things.A Netflix’s subscription.

Things I collect or enjoy.Gift certificates to everything from book stores to home depot,neko cats,spiders,owls,magazine subscriptions to fashion,doll,art or odd magazines.Religious art,alligators,alligator purses and shoes size 8 1/2,odd Jesus statues,Japanese Horror,Odd Indie films,the grim Reaper,items related to REAL voodoo and Santeria.

Books on dolls,art,how to make art or crafts,fashion,photography,survival,religion,catholic mysticism,saints,ghost/haunting,Hans Bellmer,Louis Wain,I LOVE LOVE LOVE books and magazines.Again new or used books are fine.As are burnt DVD’s of odd foreign,art,horror or just generally weird films.

~ by Ugly Shyla on February 5, 2010.

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