On receiving charity.

I thought I’d post this because I know some of you are like me and try and give a helping hand to those in need,and maybe it will encourage some of you who don’t to try it.
This seems like such a intimate thing for me to talk about even though it sounds silly.The other night after I staggered home after busting butt in the thrift store.I crashed in the bed and realized I didn’t have a top blanket to cover with because I had put them all to be washed.I went and dug in the armoire and all I had clean was this blanket I got during Hurricane Rita.It’s not even a real blanket it’s a black moving blanket http://www.uline.com/BL_7900/Moving-Blankets I thought to hell with it and threw it on the bed with a sheet under it.
When I climbed in bed under it I was reminded of hiding in a house from all hell breaking loose outside during Hurricane Rita.But not in a bad way we had gotten the blanket through some people donating things people may need.Even thought it was hot out during some of the days we were holed up in a house with all hell breaking loose outside that stupid blanket brought me some weird comfort.Even though it was so hot I’d have to sleep in my bra and underwear some nights I still had that stupid blanket.I never realized how partial I was to that stupid blanket till I took it back out the other night.Even though it wasn’t even a “real” blanket I was still very very grateful for it,and bizarrely partial too it.I also remember that my 3 legged kitty Scooter who passed on a few years back had claimed this stupid egg crate foam piece that was folded like a taco against the wall.When the weather got really scary outside he’d get in his foam taco looking thing.I would put his taco with him in it on my uncomfortable air mattress and sleep with my arm in his taco.That was I could feel him in there and know he was ok.
After the hurricane I remember being so freaking grateful because some of the Pentecostal churches gave out packages of things people might need.Like shampoo and maxi pads and small things like that you totally take for granted.And again I was very very grateful to just have a helping hand of not having to worry about what to do because you couldn’t get things like toothpaste at the store because they didn’t have any ect.I remember being so bummed because of the longest time you couldn’t get mayonnaise.LOL
People always think it’s strange that as a non-Christian I still donate to churches or charities,but they don’t realize that it’s because I know what it’s like to be in a bind and and have somebody help me out.
Like I said this is a almost intimate thing for me to talk about for some weird reason.But I really thought with things like the tragedies in Haiti I should share it.Maybe it will make people understand about how grateful you are,even over small things when you are stricken by a upsetting situation.Yes there are people who are ungrateful and they are horrible people because they are the few bad apples that ruin it for everybody.But there are ALLOT of those *including myself* that were very grateful that some stranger was nice enough to even give you free toothpaste.
I believe that if you give with the right intent, that even if it falls on a ungrateful head your kindness will go into your little karma piggy bank and you will get kindness shown back to you.

~ by Ugly Shyla on February 20, 2010.

2 Responses to “On receiving charity.”

  1. How true. I lived in the rough for 6 years, the first three without running water. So I learned how to appreciate the little things. There were times I was helped with a few groceries or a few sticks of wood for heat, soap, a wash basin, whatever. So whenever these disasters come up I donate to them hoping the little I can send gets to the people in need.

    It kind of gives me a little hope for humanity seeing people come to the aid of others.

  2. beautiful….we DO take for granted the little things, soap, underwaer, things like that. for all the times i hate the way my undies fit or feel, at least i have them. simple things in life. i remember having shoulder surgery and a simple thing like opening a can or washing yourself became a production. lets all count our blessings, we forget how worse off others might be.

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