Have you dreamt of me?Then post it.

For some strange reason over the years I have come up in people folks dreams.Both people I hardly know and strangers that have seen a pic or two of me on the internet.I’m assuming it’s because I’m fairly outlandish looking,it makes me a prime candidate to be a dream archetype.
I have always found this interesting and would like to compile a blog or something with the dream post.
So if you have had a dream about me please post it *and for christsake please don’t post your dirty porno dreams of me if you have had one,I just don’t want to know*.Please post it only if you are ok with me publishing it online and maybe in print one of these days.If you don’t post anon make sure to post a link to whatever it is you do so I can credit you one of these days if need be.

~ by Ugly Shyla on April 20, 2010.

4 Responses to “Have you dreamt of me?Then post it.”

  1. I’ve had a couple of dreams where I’ve met you or showed up at some sort of loft filled with art work, where you lived. Or seen you perform a show some place, but maybe its some sort of territory flashbacks cause I’ve been to Lafayette and did once see a show you put on at HaVoK several years back.

  2. I had a dream I own a small restaurant and you came in a dropped a glass of water on one customer, then you went out and you were with mom and you gave my a hug while you were wearing cactus covered gloves. It was too weird and vivid not to mention LOL!

  3. One dream I remember you, Szandora and some guy I didn’t know were at my old cabin. All three of you were standing on this Hill across from me. You had a Halo over your head and you were hold a gun in each hand. Szandora had her red skin, eyes glowing red also, claws and she had this evil grin on her face also. The guy was strapped on a cross with leather belts all over his body also covering his eyes. Something in air referred you as the Saint, Szandora as the Monster and the guy as the Sinner. To this day I still don’t know what the dream was about but it gave me a idea for a story.

  4. I feel kinda awkward sayin this but since we’re both southern La’ers we know everyone’s already nuts & it doesn’t shock us any.

    I believe I’ve dreamt about you twice..
    Its a habit that I get dreams of familiar people or objects from w/e occured or was mentioned in the following day & I dream EVERY NIGHT.

    1st, bits I remember:
    I was staying over at your house & we had a palett on the livingroom floor. It was really dark & the only light was coming from the tv in front of the palett.
    You went to get us snacks & was where wearing a long, white nightgown. No make up.
    I was under the blankets & had on a children’s dusty pink gown & a matching bonnet?
    While you where in the kitchen I went to the bathroom & ran into a blanket in the hallway(like a blanket for replacing a door).

    I found an empty doll’s box(for plastic toy dolls) & brought it to our palett to sleep with.

    An angsty music video was on the tv.

    It turns to day & we find Mr. Icky in your backyard sleepin on a concrete bench that’s on top of a rectangular, underground tomb.
    You started cussin at em’ & he gets up all grunty & walks to the house.

    It turns to night, we have a big bonfire.

    We went to a lake or dead end canal & started walking on a pier in mary jane shoes. I think mine where off white but yours where either pink or red.
    The pier started to fill with 5 inches deep of water.
    Catfish, brim, eel, minnows, & bass flowed in and where swarming everywhere.
    We got on a swinging chair & just started looking at them near our shoes. We put our make up on with paint brushes.

    Danny was on the bank calling his aunt.
    He didn’t want to get his shoes wet.

    We went to someone elses pier that wasn’t flooded & had a bonfire.. on the pier.
    Loud music.
    Lots of unfamiliar faces.
    Someone was BBQing on the pier w/a pit near the bonfire.

    I wish my dreams made more sense, but apparently if I dream about you it’s going to have something with vintage clothing & bonfire!

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