Please help my friends in need.

For some reason WP won’t let me post a donate button so go to my LJ post to find the donate button
Just last night May 24/2010 two friends of mine were killed in a car wreck Ash and her soon to be husband Gavin.One of them I was friends with not only her but her whole family.Her and her Mom Michelle reminded me allot of me and my mom,she was a only child and even though she was 22 they were practically attached at the hip.Her family is devastated and her mom especially.My heart breaks for Michelle.The family is like the rest of us and doesn’t have money for all the arrangements and I know if something happened to me I’d want somebody to try and help me out.
The second person is the middle age daughter of a close family friend Mrs Lorraine.She was ALSO involved in a bad car crash and again can’t afford the medical treatment.She has to have the treatment and not having it isn’t a option but they don’t have the funds to pay for it.
I don’t expect anybody who doesn’t know me to donate,being as you have no clue if I’m full of it or not,but those of you who DO know me know I’m honest.
Here is a link to a news story about Ash and Gavin and I’m going to ask Mrs Lorraine if there is a link to the story about her daughter’s wreck.So I can also post that.
If any of you can donate please do.I’m going to split the money between Michelle and Lorraine and if you can’t donate people keep them in your thoughts,prayers and rituals.
If you WOULD like to donate something click the donate button to donate with paypal.If you donate over 20.00 please include your postal addy and I will send you a personalized Thank You.
For some reason WP won’t let me post a donate button so go to my LJ post to find the donate button

~ by Ugly Shyla on May 25, 2010.

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