Social Experiment,how do you feel about my dolls?

Social Experiment,how do you feel about my dolls?
I’m doing a little social experiment to see how my work is perceived out of curiosity .Look at the pic of my doll and
Tell me do you
: Feel any emotions while looking at the piece?If so what did you feel.
: Is there a bad awkwardness about the piece at all?If so where or why?
:What age group,social scene, ect would enjoy my work the most?And why?
:What do you like best about the piece?

~ by Ugly Shyla on July 20, 2010.

3 Responses to “Social Experiment,how do you feel about my dolls?”

  1. 1) restlessness – she’s dead (as I perceive it) but she didn’t find her peace (and neither do I)
    2) her missing hand, would be nice to know what had happened to it
    3) no idea, probably all kinds of people who find the mainstream culture unsatisfying
    4) the color scheme of her face

  2. This particular doll, the blue doll, is not one of my favorites – but I think you are wanting the thoughts on this one?

    I guess that the main thing I feel when I look at this piece is curiosity. No real emotions. Just curiosity of what her story is.

    I think that I would like it better if the photo were displayed vertical & maybe if she were posed at a slightly different angle. I am intrigued by the metal structure that she is rested on, almost makes me think of a little doll wheelchair.

    I don’t think that any one age group/scene would enjoy your work more than others, since all of your pieces are so unique.

    Not sure if this has been any help or very good insight, but I tried. So many of your dolls are beautiful & I love quite a few of them, but this one is just not capturing me as much as some of the others. I do admire her dress and that object that she is displayed on though.

  3. I like the concentration camp doll quite a bit.
    I would buy six million if I could. It’s very interesting–
    especially the facial expression.

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