Where has all the danger gone?

Were is the danger in the subcultures anymore?Everybody is soooo fucking edgy but the edge of edgy has been so sterilized it’s not even funny.
If you even mention to somebody you say pierced your own nose.They look at you like you are a pariah.You can be edgy but it has the be a approved edgy and you have to fit in the the edgy clique.
If you are somebody like me and you fit in with any of them *nor do I fucking want to* they are just as much snotty bitches *the males included* as the little cheerleader clique in high school.
Or WORSE you can be courted as the token real weirdo artist.Which will make you want to kill them and then yourself.
In the past thing like face tattoos,tattooing,subversive art and even freak shows were things of dark alleys and shady people.
Now tattooist have their heads up their asses about what they do,people are not weird looking because it’s their idea of beauty,they look like complete jackasses because they are trying to out douche bag the alt douche bag next to them.Two words Pop Surrealism which is like saying Christian Satanism and the real physical freaks who can’t help but being “freaks” have to deal with a over abundance of one trick pony assholes who bills themselves as freaks,when again they are just trying to out douche bag the douche bag next to them.And and they will tell you one should strive to be a subversive person,but one with a job *tattooed white collar job*,a white, excuse me a flame painted picked fence with 2.1 kids,a rockabilly wife that is just weird enough looking to have the other PTS mom’s think she is cool and show everybody you can be weird and still be respectable.Fuck being respectable and fuck them with one of their flame painted fence post!
One of the things I want to do before I die is attend one of the Crucifixion’s in either Mexico or the Philippines.Which for those who don’t know people really crucifix themselves.And I want to do it too.
I could go and have myself a fancy little cross made,and go do it in a sterile piercing shop,with some stuck up piercer barking orders at me like I’m a fucking child about not hurting myself.But I’d rather have the nails put in my EYES then have to deal with that.I want to go with the other fanatics and have myself nailed to a tree with crappy nails somebody got from home depot and I DO want to hurt myself that is the POINT.
And I don’t want to do it to be cool or show the other cool kids how cool I am.I want to go some crusty place in Mexico where nobody knows me and I’m not thought of as either a ass to kiss or kick and go be apart of it with the other fanatics.By saying this I will not only lose subculture points but satanic brownie points.Because the WHOLE point of the underground and of Satanism is apparently not to do WHAT YOU WANT.You have to do what your peers tell you.Again fuck you,YOU are NOT MY PEERS.You are all a bunch of son of a bitches in the purest sense of the word!
Crucifixion in the Philippines

~ by Ugly Shyla on August 20, 2010.

One Response to “Where has all the danger gone?”

  1. BRILLIANT!!! WELL PUT!!!!!!!! I agree % 1,000 We have many conversation about these “RULE ABIDING REBELS” sanctioned freaks. He I’d like to put this in my TRUE ART book in the chapter “Rule Abiding Rebels” can you e-mail me the text?

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