Where have all the icon’s gone?

“It’s about the art or music man……” Oh God shut the fuck up!
My Gaga discussion on facebook *or the too much coffee* has reminded me of another point I’d like to make.I’m not a fan of Gaga but one thing I can say for Gaga is she has made herself into a Icon.And where the fuck have all the icons gone from the music and art world?There are no more Bowie’s,Alice Cooper’s,Motley Crue,Warhol,Frida Kahlo’s ect anymore?People whine and moan they don’t dress up because it’s all about the music or about the art.Great I love good music and good art but I’m sorry,I have to admit I’m guilt of liking it that much more of the person making it is a fabulous weirdo.
Some people thumb their nose at me that my image is so connected with my art,which has helped me get my foot in the door and helped me sell as a artist.
People some people think it’s best to be the sort of unknown artist type.You never let your image be connected with your art and you DO NOT look flamboyant because people will focus on you more then the art.
Which some people do take that route and make a hell of allot more money off their art then I do.But for myself I feel like it would almost give me a feeling of guilt or shame about myself if I didn’t associate myself with my art.Like that back sheep of the art family that nobody wants to be seen.Even female artist that are beautiful are discouraged from associating themselves/their image with their art,because there is a chance nobody will take them seriously.Same goes for looking flamboyant like myself but I think I have done a fine job of WORKING HARD and so people do *hopefully” take my art seriously.
And granted I don’t dress flamboyantly for attention or for attention for my art.It’s just the aesthetic I find pleasing.
It’s depressing that even band’s don’t look iconic anymore.It’s guys who look like young hip dad’s or somebody’s wantabe hipster little brother singing music that is crappy in the first place.It’s been a long time since we have had a really iconic movment.Like punk rock or goth ect,the most exciting thing to come along is hipsters *GAG*.
I’d just like to know why society has such a lack of icons and rebels.

~ by Ugly Shyla on September 8, 2010.

One Response to “Where have all the icon’s gone?”

  1. I just couldn’t agree wi’ ya more. I am also very much of like you as I always create my look associate to my work. It is very essential to do for me because I ‘live’ in my own world o’ Kreation. So much like what you said in the text, I’d be not gaining any energy if I have to give up my appearance just because others say so. It’s not just about look, it is about the artist itself.

    Also agreed on your comment about the bands nowadays..it is such a shame there’s no bands wi’ a gut to dress up like zombies, crossdressers or any kinds of weird shit. They look al’the same and their music is boring. Moan, moan, moan..I know, but I just can’t help myself moaning because it really sucks.!

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