I’ll be doing a give away/want to donate?

It’s Oct that means I’ll be doing a free give away in the spirit of Halloween.
I have been doing this almost every year since the economy is so bad.I figured it brings a little cheer to somebody to win free things.And if you donate items,not only do you get to do something cool for somebody but you ALSO get free publicity because I link to item to your shop ect.
Usually it’s Jewelry and other fun things.This year I’m thinking about maybe if some of my friends want to donate items to get publicity on my blog I could do a gift basket.Let me know if y’all would be up for that 🙂
You’d all of course get credit on my post about it/free advertisement.Just small trinket items are great.Like Small art prints or little craft items.You’d have till the 15th of oct to get it in.Make sure to include business cards *even extra ones because I will put them in the boxes of things I sell*
Also make SURE to put a note or a business card with the item you are sending in so I know who to credit.Or if you are mailing the item via third party like say a print from Fotki,e-mail me uglyshyla@gmail.com with a description of the item and info on how to credit you.Your website line or shop addy ect.
My mailing addy
PO BOX 439

~ by Ugly Shyla on October 1, 2010.

One Response to “I’ll be doing a give away/want to donate?”

  1. I love this idea! If I had much going for me to promo I would be all over this. xo

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