Inexpensive Sponsorship and advertisement opportunity

If you are interested please drop me a line at and I can send you the payment info.

Erotic model,film maker and artist Nos Jessie and myself Doll/performance artist Ugly Shyla and I will be attending the Horror Hound convention in Cincinnati, Ohio this fall. This is one of the largest horror events in the country and attracts all walks of life, which makes it an excellent marketing opportunity!
To help us make the trip up there, we are seeking sponsorship at three different levels:

Level One: $20.
Nos and I will personally hand out your flyer/promotional materials to every person who visits our table. We will actually talk you up, not just leave your stuff on the swag table. You’ll also get a special mention on both of blogs and every time we promote the convention (which will be a lot) we’ll mention that you’re a sponsor and include your link.

Level Two: $30.
Everything mentioned above plus a banner placed on both Nos’ and my websites and full product write up on our blogs.

Level Three: $50.
Everything mentioned in the other two levels plus a write up/ad in our souvenir zine that we will be handing out for free at the show. We will also promote your company three additional times through our Facebook, Twitter, and our blogs.

On facebook ALONE With both Nos’ and my connections combined, you’ll be directly reaching over 5,000 people in your target audience. The convention runs Nov. 12-14 and we are trying to secure funds by Halloween.
And ANY flyers that are left over WILL be used by me putting them in the packages of dolls ect I mail out to customers.
Thanks for your consideration and support!
Ugly Shyla and Nos and

~ by Ugly Shyla on October 17, 2010.

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