Ladies don’t let yourself be used like a dirty sock.

Ladies don’t let yourself be used like a dirty sock.

Feel free to pass my hateful post along,if you repost please credit me.I usually get labeled as a “man hater” because of things I say.But trust me ALL women think this.They would just never have the nerve to say it out loud for fear of damaging the fragile male ego *but only the ego’s of those who indulge in this type of behavior are hurt.*

Physical attractiveness is pointless if you think about it,At least from a female standpoint.All being attractive gets you is guys wanting to have sex with you,it doesn’t even mean anymore that they will be nice to you or go out of their way for you.It just means they want to poke you,which they could do with a sock filled with Vaseline.That is all we are to some of them a warm sock filled with Vaseline.

Long gone are the times when guys would at least take you out and buy you dinner to before they even began to THINK about getting in your pants.

No, now you meet a guy on a friendly basis and shake his hand and say my name is….. And he will spend the next few min trying to get in your pants to then discard you like above mentioned dirty sock.What is even more depressing is that it’s become such a norm most women will just toss all self respect and ego out of the window and go for it.

They would rather be treated like said dirty sock then have to deal with being alone,goddamn ladies do you have talents,and intelligence or SOMETHING that makes you want to be treated better then a dirty sock?To be used as something that is just scratching a itch,or feeding a hunger.How many times do you sit there and ponder how much you appreciated the food you ate last year *food which is NEEDED FOR SURVIVAL*.Hell you can’t even remember it,so how much do you think these guys remember the girls they slept with last year?

Also if you think about it the way our bodies are we are waste receptacles for men,They DISCARD something inside us.You’d think twice before you’d let a stranger vomit in your mouth wouldn’t you?You’d have to REALLY REALLY like them and REALLY want to let them do that.Well what is the difference?

Granted women will be a tad bit nicer to a attractive male,but usually they do it just to have the privilege of talking and maybe hanging out with said attractive male.Most women don’t even dare let it cross their mind they will get to sleep with the guy.

How did things get so screwed up?Women can’t even get the nerve to talk to a guy they find attractive because they are scared of rejection.Yet if you accidentally bump your grocery basket into a man at Wal-Mart they think they have a chance to screw you?

In some aspects I blame women for it because they give in to that bull,it’s become the acceptable norm.Men screw around,they have sex with anything that moves *usually unprotected* and women are in constant worry that they will cheat or run off with somebody else so they put up with the crap.Well if allot of women wouldn’t give it away hand over fist and the men had to not only act civilized but WORK to get in a woman’s pants things might change.

Some light reading for the ladies

~ by Ugly Shyla on October 18, 2010.

3 Responses to “Ladies don’t let yourself be used like a dirty sock.”

  1. Great post! I don’t find it hate filled…just very truthful. But please remember ladies we’re not all that way. I believe in treating all the way I would like to be treated…not like shit just to get what I can.

  2. You’re right, that’s why I’m single & loving it, I’d rather be in my own best company than deal with a problem, it’s draining! Mom was right, Don’t Sleep with him, demand respect!

  3. I see where you are coming from; many women have lowered their standards to become more appealing. I am seeing that the majority of women that I know don’t sleep around as often as some. On the whole (no pun intended)many women are extremely insecure so they think they have to put out within a date or two to keep a m an interested.
    I don’t adhere to this type of behavior because I know that I don’t have to. I rather be respected for my mind than just physical attractiveness. Many women have brought this onto themselves; the fact that they are treated like garbage.
    It’s like the old adage; “Give them an inch, they take a mile.”
    No one has to be a “cum bucket” unless they want to be; it all starts with self-respect and control.
    Women are definitely a lot looser these days than they were years ago. I’m far from a prude but I am extremely picky on who I will sleep with. I don’t need sex; and I don’t need a man to make me feel like a woman. Women: Get some self-respect if indeed it’s lacking, you will see a change in the way men and people in general treat you.

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