Gentleman’s Prize Give Away,enter to win!Details on blog.

Contest is CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Congrats to for winning!
Ok this is prize give away contest #2 by
These are great prizes for the gentlemen.Winner will be announced Tue Nov 2nd!
Only one entry per person.*HOW TO ENTER*To enter repost this quoted phrase and link on your fb,twitter,blog whatever.
“””””””””” I entered the give away on “””””””””
then post a link to your repost in the comments in this blog entry.Sometimes it’s hard to see the comment box on my blog layout,just click leave a comment or scroll all the way down and it will be under where it says “Leave a Reply”.You HAVE to post the link somewhere,I have to be able to find it.Posting it then taking it down doesn’t count,and the URL or link HAS to be posted in this blog entry’s comments.Also if you post more then one comment don’t freak if you only see one.I will delete duplicate comments so it will be more easy for me to have the numbers for the random # generator.
If you win this prize package you will get all the items shown.Except for the cat Mr Manxy.I think he was getting in the photos to demonstrate scale of the items.In this prize package you get a print from autographed copy of the horror film Zombie Dearest from,A art knife from,A print of my Taste Test Photo,and a Ceramic Crackle Glazed Skull necklace both from me
,A print of Cootie-Von-Ghoul-Art’s BANG painting,and a chainmail braclet from
Thanks to our sponsors:
lLubelledejour on ebay

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~ by Ugly Shyla on October 31, 2010.

20 Responses to “Gentleman’s Prize Give Away,enter to win!Details on blog.”

  1. hope this is right!


    Hope this is right

  3. Entry posted for my friend JB.

  4. I tweeted:!/EndoraJewelry

  5. just posted to my FB page here…

    Good luck to me

  6.!/Catnip23 Yay for purely ugly dolls and people!

  7. I Tweeted :

    i’m trying again this contest since my posts didn’t work on last one-:(

    lol hopefully i did this right. thats a pretty killer prize giveaway.

  10. ooops entered the give away on http:/ SHEMHAMFORASH

  11. Here is my Facebook link. It was posted on October 30th.

  12. Give me free shit.!/profile.php?id=1253514390


  14. I’m posting this entry for Satan John since he couldn’t comment from his phone.

  15. 🙂 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Nina Mook I entered the give away on


    Allright, I got it right that time. My bad.


    hope this is correct. Thanks You and Happy Halows Eve!

  19. I suppose this is correct…

  20. I posted that I entered this excellent contest on my facebook page. thank you for this opportunity. My facebook page is:

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