Buy Handmade and Artist Made and Indy,shopping guide

I always try and support my fellow DIYers and artist and indy co’s.So please keep in mind if you can to please buy hand or artist made this year.
If you are a handmade artist or DIY biz person feel free to post your links and a description of your shop in the comments.
Some of my artist,diy crafter friends you should check out.
My doll art my dolls jewerly ect
Wonderful smelling things,perfumes soaps ect
Fine Art
Fine Art Assemblages
Paintings Cootie Von Ghoul
Feathered Hats
Formal and Dark Romantic Clothing
Wooden and Tribal Body mod jewerly
Tattoos,and the same artist that did my stigmata tattoo
Dolls and Handmade art
Writer and Gay Icon
Horror Merch t-shirts ect
Photography and books
Native American Painter Steve Hapy
Dark Spooky dolls
Vintage inspired clothing and accessories
Art,jewelry and assemblages
Sexy Handmade Latex clothing
Yummy scented candles
Unique hand formed latex jewerly http://WWW.ARTWITHLATEX.COM

Indy Music
Hard Rock with a Satanic Bent
Merle Allin,Murder Junkies and he also sells GG merch ect
J.B. Beverley & The Wayward Drifters,Honky Tonk
Man Made Man,Metal
also his band

Ugly Shyla
Ugly Art Dolls
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Ugly Art Dolls Myspace
My Execution Style Clothing Design Etsy Shop

~ by Ugly Shyla on December 2, 2010.

4 Responses to “Buy Handmade and Artist Made and Indy,shopping guide”

  1. So many treasures, gathered together…

    E V E R ♡ T H E ♡ M A D ♡ A F F E C T I O N ♡ F O R ♡ Y O U , S H Y L A ♡ U G L Y ♡ S H Y L A ♡ D O L L !

  2. oh yay it is the cute little baphomet charms you make! i need to get some of those for me. i bet i could make them into awesome earrings, if you don’t mind me altering your charms to make some plugs for my ears, i would give you credit.

    • Sure that isn’t a prob.I have been wanting to make some as drop earrings for myself too.Plus I always have to drill holes in them for the jump rings so if you would need me to drill holes somewhere else to attach them to whatever plug base you will attach them to I can do that.

      • awesome! i look forward to it, i am going to be a little tight on cash for a couple months. but i would never forget you shyla, you are only one of my teenage icons that helped inspire me to be who i am.

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