I’m/my dolls are in Giuseppina Magazine this month!

My dolls are in Giuseppina Magazine this month,it’s a very cool mag

The Issue #04 Winter Edition of Giuseppina Magazine has arrived! Hard copies of Issue #04 are available for purchase online via the following link: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/Issue/151330
From the Mag:
By the end of the month Issue #04 will
be up for free download on the ipad, so be sure to look out for a follow-up announcement on our facebook page:
http://www.facebook.com/pages/Giuseppina-Magazine/109395905759633. Via
our official facebook, you can also help expand our network by inviting
friends (just click the “suggest to friends” button underneath our profile picture), as well as leave us some feedback on your feature or
on our magazine in general:
Giuseppina-Magazine on FB
On behalf of Giuseppina Magazine’s staff we’d like to thank you for
your contribution and/or submission! We hope that you enjoy the winter
edition and are satisfied with the digital copies of your feature which
have been attached to this e-mail. As a result of previous problematic
situations, we ask that you do not remove the information (i.e. logo
and purchase link) from the files provided, and when posting the images
we would greatly appreciate any promotion or link-back as our
publication is still exceeding small. In addition, we ask that you do
not post up the high-res files where the interview/content can be read;
it simply defeats the purpose of our magazine!

AN IMPORTANT NOTE ON ISSUE #04: We encourage that you share as much of
this issue as possible with your network. The Issue #04 release of
Giuseppina Magazine is unique; this is our first magazine release that
extends a bit beyond our usual showcased talent, instead this issue
serves a greater purpose and will ultimately benefit a meaningful
cause. Via the work of Halim Ina Photography, Giuseppina Magazine was
given the extraordinary opportunity to expose the significance behind
the documentation of his work. The cover story includes an 8-page
spread on the basis of Halim Ina’s portraiture. Via the sales of
Giuseppina Magazine the child pictured on the Issue #04 cover, as well
as the beautiful portraits of the individuals pictured inside the
magazine will reap the benefits from our sales. A nominal percentage of
the proceeds will be donated to the Nirvanavan Foundation
(http://www.nirvanavan.org.uk/Nirvanavan2/home.php). More information
can be read on our page.

Thank you!

~ by Ugly Shyla on January 13, 2011.

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