How to:Milk Jug Light Box For Photographing Small Items

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As most of you know I started out making dolls with no training,no resources ect.So I learned to be totally DIY and still am.Here is a tute for making your own light box for things like jewerly or small dolls.
I have a light box for my doll and art photography but it’s a little cumbersome for tiny things like jewelry.So I made myself one out of a milk jug.Basically all you have to do is cut the top off and put something flat in the bottom for the “background”.
You could even use this for things like say dolls or other small items by just cutting a square out of the front and using the side for the background part.I just made mine a “top loader” since it’s mainly for jewelry.
If you are using the big tungsten shop lights like you can see I’m using you may want to set your cam setting on COOL,since the lights can give a yellow cast.Which is cool for art photography but not so good for product shots.You also do NOT want to leave this set up with the lights on and it unattended because the lights get very hot.And also set your cam on it’s macro setting.
I’ll attach a photo I took with my ghetto fabulous milk jug light box,as you can see it works quite nicely.
P.S. the slit in the back is so I can pull the necklace chains though if I want them out of the way.
The pic’s basically show you how I made it,it’s pretty self explanatory.
Enjoy hope this helps some of y’all.

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~ by Ugly Shyla on February 24, 2011.

One Response to “How to:Milk Jug Light Box For Photographing Small Items”

  1. wow shyla thats too awesome! I am going to try this…thanks for shareing! \m/ HS! IH!

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