I haven’t been feeling well lately

A some of you know I have been dealing with constant uterus cramping lately.
I have PCOS and about 6 months ago I had surgery to remove kidney stones.Which naturally caused pelvic pain but it went away as it healed.But now for the past say 3 months I have been getting awful pelvis pains.At first I thought it was maybe my bladder hurting because it was in that area.I went back to the urologist and explained what I was feeling and he told me it was more likely my uterus since it got worse before my period.
I went to the gyno and saw the nurse practitioner and she gave me pelvic exam and touched my bladder with her finger and that was tender but when she touched my uterus it hurt something AWFUL!
So now I have a appointment with the gyno in her office,they are thinking it may be endometriosis.So I will start getting examined for that on the 10th and I guess they will see if they need to put a scope in me and check it out.
This past month the pain has been debilitating to the point I can’t even go to the store because the walking makes it start to hurt so bad I have to come home and lay down and take pain meds.And at times it will start to cramp and I will have to take about 3 vicodin to make it stop and the pain will go on for at least 4 hours.
It’s a cramping pain near my bladder area,which causes pain to radiate to my vagina,clitoris and all the way even to my tail bone.
If anybody has any clue what I could look into causing this or anything to do to help it till I find out what is wrong it will be appreciated.
Like I said I have pain meds,I hate having to take allot of those because they just make me spacey and I do the heating pad,or hot bath thing but the twinges of pain are always there.I’m a very active person and a artist for a living so I’m self employed and can’t and don’t want to just be laid up in bed all darn day.
As soon as I find out what is going on and what is causing it I will share the info because after talking about this I found out some of my female friends are dealing with the same awful mess.

~ by Ugly Shyla on February 27, 2011.

4 Responses to “I haven’t been feeling well lately”

  1. Hi Shyla, we’ve never met but I may or may not have endo also. I don’t believe in the way medicine is taught and practiced in the US, so I’ll probably never know for sure and I’ve declined having an endoscopy done. But I have researched endometriosis, and the best treatment I have heard of is acupuncture. Might sound crazy to some, but to me it’s a lot less crazy than going straight to major surgery. If there’s even a chance it could help, I strongly recommend trying it. If money is an issue, a lot of cities have “group acupuncture” (you can google it to find out more but basically it lowers the cost significantly).
    Massage therapy, specific types of yoga, and any kind of relaxation/meditation/centering you can do may help manage the pain also, but it does take time to really learn those techniques. Again if $$ is tight, try looking for a massage school or alternative medicine school in your area. Students have to get practice in, so the schools usually offer services for a shitload less money but the students are closely monitored and supervised.
    If you do get to a point where you’re feeling a little better, getting some kind of really basic, regular exercise will also help your body naturally regulate problems.
    There’s also a website largely dedicated to more holistic methods of dealing with endo, http://www.cureendometriosis.com/. It includes talking about eating types of foods that can help – again, not necessarily with a specific disorder but just helping your body help itself. I have had MDs tell me endo does sort itself out sometimes, and I think things like that could play a big part.

    Good luck, I hope you get some relief!

    • @Phoebe God thanks so much for the info.I didn’t know acupuncture helped with it I will totally look into that.I have always wanted to try it out anyway.

  2. Shyla, I had the same problem – I was diagnosed with adenomyosis, and the only real treatment for that is pain killers or a hysterectomy, then you may have to deal with hormone treatment. I didn’t want that at the time. I ended up having a baloon ablation, which basically is cauterizing the uterus, but had already had my daughter [all I wanted was 1 !]. I had gone to 4-5 Dr’s before getting all of this figured out – as I was in a lot of pain before and during my periods and couldn’t walk some days, either. they did ultrasounds, physical exams and laproscopic surgery. but I least I figured out what it was and was able to take care of it. I wish you much luck with this-I know how miserable you are right now. Vicki

    • @Vicki Thanks Hon.Yea some days it’s a damn nightmare.I have seen 2 docs over it and hopefuly the 3rd I will see on the 10th will get it to where they can figured out what it is and start fixing it!

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