Please vote for your fave jewerly piece!

PLEASE ONLY VOTE ON ONLY ONE PIECE AND ONLY VOTE ONCE!You will find the little poll to click on at the bottom of the photos.
I need to send some pic’s or samples of my work to mags sometimes because I’m trying to get more publicity for my jewelry since I haven’t been really doing it for that long.So it would be UBER helpful if you guys could click like on your fave piece on here so I’d know what type of item to send in as a sample.
Most of this stuff is for sale at
Onto the pic’s There is allot so please give them time to load.

~ by Ugly Shyla on February 28, 2011.

7 Responses to “Please vote for your fave jewerly piece!”

  1. Love your work , girl, especially the Pearl Charm,Zulie

  2. Ugh, it took me more than 5 min to decide what to vote. I really like your Baphomet series(my fave is green(envy)/black+red ones) though I voted for Conjoined Twins pendant. Black cat is really kool as well. Your work is very unique.! 🙂

    + Do you take an order for sold-out items.? I’ve been watching your stuff on etsy for a long time, would like to order some Baphomets +etc soon. I was just wondering if I could pick the colours I want.?

    • @Reverend von AME Thank You.Yea if it’s not a charm necklace it’s not a prob for me to recreate it.Yea I can do custom colors but sometimes I don’t have the colors on hand so it will take me a bit longer to do some of the colors because I have to wait a week for the tints to come in.My e-mail in case you need to contact me about any of it

      • Thanks very much for a quick re +email address.! I will contact you before placing an order. 🙂

  3. umm.. I voted for more than one.
    Good luck with the publicity!

  4. A-ha! Looks as if thus far I’ve picked ‘the winner!’

    Not that all your work isn’t exquisite, by any means
    Shyla Doll Shyla Darkling… ♥

    Death To Love You,

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