SAD Doll Etsy team and Doll artist and collector FB

I made a etsy team for Surreal Doll Artist aka SAD TEAM
And also a FB group for Art Doll Artist and Collectors
Please spread it around so the artist get more traffic.I have been doing everything I can think of lately to help out my fellow underground doll artist who don’t get exposure in the mainstream because our work is too “weird”.When I started making dolls in 1996 there weren’t really any other Morbid Fine Art Doll artist.So I was and will still be grateful for the folks who helped me get my footing as a artist along the way.People like Ron a older gay man who made dolls and took me under his win as a doll artist when I was like 16,and also my friend Batty She was one of the first folks to invite me out to vend at one of her fashion shows and introduce me to anybody she though would like my work.
I have been doing dolls professionally since around 98 as a business and I STILL CAN NOT get my work featured in the art doll mainstream .The artist who do spooky for spook’s sake can but try making work that deals with themes like child murder,abortion,the occult and female circumcision and they will NOT touch you with a 10 foot pole.So I accomplished what little I have accomplished with NO HELP OR SUPPORT WHAT SO EVER from the art doll mainstream.That would be like being a painter and not having anybody want to show your paintings or include them in any painting mags,websites ect.It makes things a uphill battle but I still trekked it.

~ by Ugly Shyla on March 2, 2011.

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