How to be prepared for a natural disaster

People might think I’m a loon for suggesting that my Cali and other peeps who are in danger of maybe getting some crazy weather from the stuff in Japan go out and get these things but I beg of y’all to do it.And don’t forget pet food enough for at the very least a week!And a little radio that runs on small batteries.Listing to that through out rita kept me sane and also told us were to flee to that had gas and things.I survived Rita and if we weren’t prepared we would have gone almost a week without food or water.And don’t expect that since shit hasn’t hit the fan it won’t.I think it was for Rita they kept telling up it would turn we’d be ok and then like 4 days before BAM it’s “everybody hunker down and have your shit together or your gonna die”.Also make sure to bring items of comfort for yourself a fave blanket and also for your pets and kids.One of my cats had a piece of foam he liked to hide in and I bought them cat toys to bring them some amusement during the awful time.And in the case of kids that is even MORE important.And if a storm is going to hit fill up all the sinks and tubs with water just in case because the water will get turned off.Allot of people also bring BBQ things or we even had a damn fondue pot that I used to heat up soup with,because we were going insane from eating nothing but crackers.we also bought everything perishable and put that on ice and ate all that first before breaking into the non-perishable stock.And people will think I’m nuts but have a gun on hand.People go APE shit in times like this and wouldn’t think twice about killing you for food,gas and rapes also go up in number.The cops are usually busy so they can’t help you.You will be on your OWN so be prepared.
List of things you will need.I know it takes a bit of cash but it’s well worth it.And you can even use the items on a as needed basis like say when the light or power goes out during a bad storm.</aAnother interesting link
Ugly Shyla

~ by Ugly Shyla on March 13, 2011.

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