Silver Conjoined Girl Twins Sideshow Necklace

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Silver Conjoined Girl Twins Sideshow Necklace
These pendants are made in honor of The Ibeji orisha (Gods) of Santeria and the Voodoo Loa Marassa Jumeaux.
The pendant is of two conjoined female twins.
The focal pendant of this piece is a pendant of 2 female conjoined twins.
It is from a mold of a hand sculpted original sculpt of mine.It’s cast in resin that has real silver powder in it and painted with high quality paints and the paints and pendants are “aged” to look like a very old work of art.
All of my jewelry pieces are hand casted so they will all be one of a kind and may have things like a bubble or two or fingerprints on the back of the pendants due to the handmade nature of the items.
It’s string on a vintage silver tones chain and closes with a barrel clasp.When closing it make SURE to make sure the barrel clasp is screwed in all the way.
Measurements: The Pendant is almost 2 inches,and the chain is 10 inches and over all the necklace is 11 inches.
Image and design (c) 2011 Uglyart.Net/Ugly Shyla

About the Divine Twins: Saints Cosme and Damian are the Catholic Saints associated with the Ibeji or Divine Twins in our tradition. This is natural since these Catholic Saints are twins and the only example of twins in the Communion of the Saints. They both were doctors who healed the sick. The Ibeji are directly concerned with healing, but like all the Orishas, they do help in preserving health and well-being. The origin of the Ibeji is with the Ewe or Fon tribes of African, they are not really native to Yoruba tradition. However, throughout all the tribes of Africa, a great respect is held for twins and their magical powers. A family that has twins is considered to be blessed, as the Twins are said to bring good fortune to the families into which they are born.

Ugly Shyla

~ by Ugly Shyla on March 16, 2011.

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