Pink Lacy Bloody Heart Baby Doll Necklace

New Work.Find it for sale here on my etsy Also visit my website to see my past work. All images and designs are (c) 2011 Ugly Shyla/Ugly Art Dolls.All Images and designs (c) 2011
Pink Lacy Bloody Heart Baby Doll Necklace
The heart base for this necklace is made from some leather scraps I had laying around.It features a porcelain casting of a vintage “penny” doll.Which is the little tiny dolls the kids who couldn’t afford the large dolls used to play with.She is glazed in a odd red glaze I bought that has red almost bloody looking specks that come out in it after firing.It also features a piece of vintage lace and is strung on a silver toned chain.
MEASUREMENTS: This is a fairly large statement piece.The chain is 11 1/2 and over all it’s 14 1/2.The pendant is 3 X 3 1/3 or 4 inches.

~ by Ugly Shyla on March 23, 2011.

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