Will art have value when the world collapses?

With all the talk of the government having to shut down ect I was wondering what would come of those of us who make our living as artist.Will we have any “value” if the world system as we know it collapses?I had assumed it would be pretty damn bleak,then I saw on a preview of a show on LPB a writer talking about how since the dawn of time when man could first stand up,the first thing he did was create art.
After pondering that I assume we will still have value.Especially those of us who express angst with the horrors of the world with our art.Or express universal sadness that anyone could relate too.
I have been very surprised that in the world situation we are in now and the bad economic situation we are in now,that I STILL sell dolls,and even expensive dolls.
But I guess they touch a nerve in people that they are willing to save up to own it.I hope that looking at it they maybe feel just a little bit better knowing somebody else out there feels the same way they do,or is pissed off at the same injustices and brutalities that they are upset by.
I remember when we had to flee from the hurricanes of the recent years past,that I made sure to keep at least my drawing and a few sculpting supplies handy.Even the time we stayed in Louisiana and were right in the middle of Hurricane Rita.At least knowing I could sit there and exorcise my fears through art.And if something happened to me at least I’d have that trail of bread crumbs left behind gave me comfort.I never thought I would even think about art while riding out a life or death situation,but it was one of the very few comforts.
All of this gives me hope that even if a apocalypse comes the artist will still have value as a creator.

~ by Ugly Shyla on April 7, 2011.

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