Murder Headstone Necklace

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Image and design (c) 04/11 Ugly Shyla,please don’t steal it’s not nice and makes the baby Jesus cry.

Murder Headstone Necklace
Black Porcelain which has MURDER stamped across the front.It’s strung on a chunky silver toned chain which is adjustable.
Measurements: Chain is 12 inches ,the necklace over all is inches 15 inches and the pendant is 3 inches.
The pendant is made out of Porcelain,the same tea cups are made out of ,which will last for thousand of years if you don’t beat the hell out of it.
All of my jewelry is hand made with vintage and or found components and also hand made and sculpted components,Or is totally hand made making each a one of a kind work of art! I’m a doll artist by trade and I also like doing other arts and crafts that include doll parts,hand sculpting or ceramic work.
-Ugly Shyla

~ by Ugly Shyla on April 13, 2011.

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