My friend Hollie is battling cancer,keep her in your thoughts.

My friend Hollie who is best known for her erotica work especially for her “Clown Porn” is battling cancer right now.I know she will beat it DOWN.But please keep her in your thought’s,prayers and rituals for her to get better quickly.
You can keep updated on her blog here
There is also a fundraiser thingy for her
.Being as she is in the erotica biz she is basically self employed and has no such thing as unemployment ect to keep her afloat.Which being a artist I can totally understand.If we don’t work we don’t eat,thankfully she has some health insurance but being as she isn’t feeling well and doing chemo she can’t work.So please give if you can.
She also has a wish list Here on Amazon since she will be forced to try and rest while she recovers.Which as active and bubbly as she is won’t be easy so she needs things to keep her amused.
Hollie is a really sweet fun girl and I liked her the min I met her.So anything you can do to help her out even if it’s to keep her in your thought please DO IT!
Ugly Shyla

~ by Ugly Shyla on April 21, 2011.

One Response to “My friend Hollie is battling cancer,keep her in your thoughts.”

  1. I had visited her site and i’ll make a donation very soon… thx to you for made me know of her…

    I apologize for my poor english… -__-

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