Since I’m accused of being a sicko because of my art and nobody will listen to me in private.

Recently a doll artist named Shelly Lampshire who I do not know,have never met and never even spoken to online has decided to start bashing myself and a few fellow doll artist here
I have tried to be civil and e-mail her and tell her it’s not cool what she is doing and would she at least read my FAQ about WHY I make art of deceased children and that it was actually against child abuse and it was to show people how ugly and horrible it really is.She bragged she isn’t even reading my e-mails,so I have no choice but to defend myself publicly I have no other choice but to defend myself in public on my blog.
She accused me of being a sicko and basically being a danger to kids with my art.She even accused one of the other 2 artist she is bashing of being a bad mother because she makes dark art.Which is actually on the almost whimsical dark art side,and the artist bashing us proceeded to make rude HATEFUL comments about my fellow artist 3 old CHILD! Saying the child will be a sociopath when they grow up ect.Who in the HELL smack talks a CHILD they have never met to other adults on the internet!That is beyond crossing the line.
The doll artist bashing us was asked what she was talking about when she was ranting about how she couldn’t stand people who did art of wounded children.
She went onto explain that a few years back when she started out she noticed that allot of people were linking to “satanic abortion performance artist.”
She is talking about me,funny I am ALWAYS referred to as a doll artist,and only do performance art once in a blue moon.I wish I could do it more but my dolls eat up all my time.WHAT she is referring to is a tongue in cheek act I do where I cut a doll out of my belly.Since doll artist birth their art.The way she phrased it made it sound like I was aborting real babies for Satan!She also went onto insult the fact I hang out with “Laveys” AKA Szandora and the like.And that it wasn’t a religious thing on her part but that negative is negative and she doesn’t “hang out with creepy losers”.
All of this tirade stems from the fact that I started a facebook group for doll artist to promote their work When I’m on my doll FB profile if I see other doll artist in the friends recommendations I usually send them a invite to the group.Because I wanted the group to be something everybody could use to network with ect.Well I must have sent Shelly Lampshire a invite like I have done to allot of people I see with art dolls as their profile pic.Instead of just seeing this as a artist inviting her to a group she saw it as some kind of crazy conspiracy ,and that it wasn’t just coincidence that I invited her right after she made a angel doll,and she knew it was just a game of pick the victim.Which I don’t even know what the hell she is chattering about.She refused to name me because I think she knew people would google my name and look around on my site and see she is full of bullshit.AND they would run across my FAQ about my dolls being made to show the horrors of child abuse.
Ok it’s find for people not to like me,what I’m about,my work,what my work is about but don’t LIE about my work or about my reasons for doing it.I tried to be civil and e-mail her TWICE the first time this is what I sent.
First e-mail I sent.
“Actually my dolls of wounded children are to protest child abuse,child murder and abortion.And sorry if me or any of the other artist tried to invite you to the group and be kind to try and help your promote your work in any way shape or from.I’m sorry you have to be so closed minded about other religions namely Satanism and Voodoo.I wish people would ask me questions before going into what a HORRID human being I am because they assume my doll are gory for gory’s sake.Art is supposed to make people think and ask questions.And you should have ASKED before going on about how awful and evil my work is.It’s DOES look awful and evil because CHILD ABUSE IS EVIL AND UGLY!It would be like if I assumed you wanted to skin a cats face and sew it on a rabbit’s body because your rabbit dolls have sort of cat like sculpted faces.”
I got no answer she continued to rally people against me and my fellow artist *the people are going on and on about how awful the work is never even KNOWING who she is talking about much less seeing any of our work*She goes on to saw all these people are inboxing her because they are scared to say something in public.What the hell that sounds like a little fib to me.Last time I checked doll artist who deal with darker themes aren’t the mafia.She was saying about how “she hates to have share the doll world with people like us.”How people who make art showing hurt children make her want to “hurt adults” which sounds like a threat!And that some of the doll people better not hope she never gets mad and writes a book because she has so much dirt on people.I would hope this doesn’t include me because I do not know said woman!She also rants and raves about people eating up the dark type of work.Which sounds like petty jealously over the success myself and the other artist have had,which we have gotten trough HARD WORK!
She brags she doesn’t read my e-mails but was then telling people to pray for her that she had a “angry Satanist after her”.Funny I didn’t find my e-mail that pissy.
Like I said she wouldn’t answer me or anything so I send a second e-mail.At this point I’m annoyed but try as best as I can to not let my Cajun temper over take me and just start yelling.My SECOND e-mail to her
I ask politely that you let ME explain MY side.Accusing me of being dangerous to children with my art is a VERY heady accusation.It could likely be considered SLANDER.Also saying I’m a Satanic Abortion Artist when you damn well KNOW I’m a doll artist,and a PERFORMANCE ARTIST.You are misleading people into thinking I perform REAL abortions for Satan.Which again could be slander.Now I ask that you be woman enough to add me to your friends list for a brief second and let me tell MY side.I will do so respectfully and not cause drama.Because contrary to what you believe I am actually a intelligent person that can explain things civilly. If you will not at LEAST treat me with THAT much respect to defend myself after you have demonized me.I’m asking POLITELY that you at least post a link to my FAQ and the part that says,Or if you don’t want to post a link because you are threatened by my popularity at least cut and paste what is said.
Why do you make so much art featuring dead children?

First off let me say that when I do work of children that have passed away or things like ,female circumcision or concentration camp victims,it is done with the UTMOST RESPECT to the subject matter.I am not one of those artist that splatters blood on or sticks knives in a baby dolls to try and show how spooky and shocking the artist can be.Those are more of horror movie props or odd collectables.When I tackle work like that as I said it’s done in the utmost respect and I try and make it look as serious as the subject matter really is. When I deal with a sensitive subjects I look at it from more of a Memento Mori or mourning art perspective or something along the lines of Post Mortem Daguerreotypes. I have had people write me angry letters thinking I was glorifying the subject matter after seeing some of my Memento Mori style work.They do not understand that yes I know it hurts to look at it,it’s supposed to hurt and cause you to reflect when you see something like that,Because when people reflect they might think twice about their own behavior.

Back to the original question.It’s kind of a long story why I got into doing allot of art featuring dead children.Mainly as with most of my art,it’s because of dreams I have or have had.The first one that started it all was: I had a dream that I was in this sort of shotgun house that was split into 2 apartments or rooms.In one of the “apartments” was inhabited by a Punch puppet.He lived on a ledge/shelf in the apt and would walk back and forth and taunt me and generally annoy me.So I thought up a plan to get back at him.I went over to his room which was painted blue and red like his outfit and I offered to repaint it for him.

He made some annoying remark and he even talked in the traditional Punch voice but agreed to let me. I started painting him into a corner on his ledge,He asked me what I was doing? I replied I was priming the walls to paint them and he asked something else I don’t remember and I said “oh but I will paint my side too!I will paint mine blue” Then I backed him to the wall and painted him too so he would stick to the wall,then I painted over him and he became one with the wall so I got my things and left to go to a dance. When I woke up I had this insane weird knowledge that I had to make art of dead children,especially art of children cruelly killed by their parents.Then the word “Hellfire” kept running through my mind.”

Since that time I have been making art of dead children I see in my dreams to answer the second part of the question.I make art of dead children so people will be forced to look at the real horror and pain of it all. There are things in their world which are not pretty,children dying at the hands of adults and especially their own parents happened to be one of those,but just because something isn’t pretty,doesn’t mean it should be ignored,especially if it’s a problem. And I think if people have their noses shoved into the evils of the world,face to face they would actually grasp the reality of it,and not get the luxury of the media versions of it.If that were done allot of people would think twice about their actions.If wanting to bring suffering to light makes me a bad or “strange” person,well so be it. ”

I’m going to ASSUME you didn’t see that.As I hope you would be a decent enough person to not see it and leave it out to try and demonize me.It’s also very very rude of you to go into how you think somebody is a bad parent because they do dark art.That is such a no no and again could be held as slander.

And as far as you bitching you have a “angry Satanist” after you.I’m not ritually “after you”.Also Satanism is a philosophy not necessarily a religion.Voodoo is my religion.I am a Satanist but that is like saying I follow Jung it’s a set of philosophies I follow.But my religion is voodoo.

You attacking Chandra was VERY uncalled for.You wall is OPEN just like mine because I have nothing to hide.And I caught wind of you attacking myself as well as other artist friends who are good people.And I typed in your name on FIB to see what the hell was going on.Chandra from what I saw trying to keep the piece and YOU shot the messenger.

I’d also like to know what your art therapist friend thinks of people who make awful accusation about people like that they are bad parents,insult their CHILDREN that they are likely a sociopath *BTW how does it feel to inside a 3 or 4 your old child?* I’d think it would leave a bad taste in my mouth and SOUL.And what she also thinks of a person who blindly accuses people of being harmful to kids because they don’t bother to read into what the artist does or ask them questions.

And it’s VERY bad business practice of you to go around attacking other artist to try and get brownie points by trying to attach dark artist who had done NOTHING to you.It’s not going to get you brownie points with the normal doll artist because they will see you as a pariah that picks on other people even if they are stanchly against the type of work I do.Nobody wants to get into business or be connected with a “shit stirrer”.I can get away with being very open about anything I want to rail against because I’m a outlaw artist.I’m outside of most of the art “scenes” and also outside of the fine art doll scene.But with people like you who are trying to sell to a group of their peers they will want nothing to do with a shit starter.

And you have my full permission to post this to your wall as I HAVE nothing to hide in this little debate back and forth.
Again nothing.Nothing but her ranting on her wall that a “high priestess in the Satanic Church was after her”.
In the middle of all this crazy babble one of the “normal” doll artist who make pretty just arty type dolls not dark art at all who has known me on the internet for a few years started taking up for me and the others.
Shelly starts to rail on HER too and accuses her of telling me what she had said.I caught wind of it when a totally different doll artist let me know she was going off about me.The normal doll artist I’m friends with had NOTHING to do with it.But was sticking her neck out for me and the others because she knew it was BS.After Shelly went off on her for supposedly telling me what she had said *never mind she was posting on a public FB wall for God and country to see!* she also told the artist it was ALL HER FAULT she “has angry Satanist after her”.
The artist I know told her that my work was a protest against child abuse and the only person hurting people was her *Shelly*.Shelly unfriended her and kept ranting about “the Satanist”.
Shelly is now threatening to report any of us accused artist if we say anything about her ranting about us.I have openly invited her *Shelly* to talk to me peaceably about what it is I do and why.But she refuses to so that is why I’m telling MY SIDE publicly.

~ by Ugly Shyla on April 25, 2011.

3 Responses to “Since I’m accused of being a sicko because of my art and nobody will listen to me in private.”

  1. Some people can be so stupid and petty. Just because something doesn’t fit into their views, they think they have the right to judge. I hate that crap. I’m going through something similar. My kid’s grandparents have accused me of being a danger to children because of my Halloween photos and writing that I had posted online for the longest time. Petty crap.

  2. Obviously she’s a maniac, mentally-ill cow. And those people who agreed on her tiny minded view know nothing about you but are only cocksuckers, opportunists, the one who’d always say only good things to her because they ‘collect’ relationship. They do not even care about her or her life or her opinions, for them, it’s just a game to play. They have NO LIFE so they have to find something to talk about and they can only be united by bashing on some stuff together. Absolutely unbelievable creatures, but the world’s full of them. Fucking knobheads.

    Why would she not open comment box or write it somewhere else where EVERYONE can share a view IF she was serious about you and your work.? She just needs something to drag down to her own level so she can feel content, please herself by LYING.

    I am sure that she doesn’t even know what she’s talking about. She a wanking low-life coward, obviously has very low self-esteem, feel insecure about herself/her life. I don’t think she’ll read your mail or blog because she wouldn’t be able to handle THE TRUTH.

    Seriously, don’t even bother those kind of mental people…they’re timewasters. And I bet she wouldn’t do anything further to harm you. She doesn’t have the guts to ACT, but does only TALK. Only a few twats will believe her of course.

  3. I cannot believe how rude this artist was towards you, when you are working towards creating community and bringing awareness to an important issue. She sounds like a total troll.

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