Rescued Pit Bull I’m trying to rehab & my squirrel

This is the pit bull that showed up to my house.She has a collar on and you can tell she recently had puppies.I live in the hood where allot of people have them to breed them to death or fight them.Which is why the breed the ones they do have.He has a awful skin condition,has been STARVED as you can see *fucking assholes*.So soon I’ll be hocking some work as soon as I get some new stuff finished to try and get the month to get her shots and spaded.We plan on keeping her as a inside outside dog as she is terribly sweet.
I’ll keep everybody posted when I have more work for sale so I can get her fixed up.I’m treating her skin with some stuff in case it’s mange and it seems to be helping. I don’t know if she was dumped here or got away and ran over here because she smelt all the catfood we leave out for the strays.
If you want to donate towards me getting her fixed up my paypal addy is

I’m ALSO rehabbing a squirrel my outside cats tried to attack.He’s doing super awesome and should be able to be let go into the wild soon.

~ by Ugly Shyla on April 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Rescued Pit Bull I’m trying to rehab & my squirrel”

  1. These animals are lucky they found you. My dog sometimes has problems with her skin and we have had good luck using a solution of vinegar and warm water, then dabbed it on or wiped clean with a cotton ball, it worked great. Thanks for taking care of him.

  2. There should be a special kind of hell just for the people who treat dogs this way.

    And a special sort of Valhalla for those who rescue them.

    I hope she is up and feeling better soon. ‘Glad she found you.

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